Bburago | Ferrari 2018 Catalogue •

Bburago | Ferrari 2018 Catalogue

Our 2018 manufacturer catalogue series grows once again.  This morning we have the Ferrari side of the Bburago 2018 assortment to share.  Not much really planned for the Signature line, truly a shame for Ferrari fans.  We think it’s about time we petition Ferrari directly to align their brand with a more mainstream manufacturer, up to the task at previewing 3-4 choice Ferrari models per calendar year.

Bburago | Ferrari 2018 Catalogue HERE

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  1. Ben says:

    I dont see anything new in 1:18 at all… 1:24 has models & colours that should be produced in 1:18.. This sucks big time >:( 😡

  2. Robs model cars says:

    When Hotwheels Elite stopped making Ferrari models, this was the biggest disappointment I have ever had in this hobby. I wish they would go back, because buying resin Ferrari’s is expensive, but I cant buy BBurago’s, they just don’t cut it!

    • DS Team says:

      Agreed. In our opinion they were the best bang for the buck in the hobby. That being said be can’t look back. BBurago isn’t up to the task, well not for this marque at least. We need more detailed models with opening bits that display the horse well.

      • Ev Salin says:

        Something BBR will do in diecast by the end of the year. Even Autoart promised to make one of the tuning version of the Ferrari, but in any case, it will be better than Bburago.

        • Alfred says:

          True. But for now I wouldn’t bet my money on these models.
          From what I’ve heard there priced at around € 300,- (~$ 365,-) which is a lot of money.
          Yep, there about € 80,- to € 100,- under BBR’s own line, it seems Minichamps has got something to do with these diecast models as well. And for € 370 ~ € 390 I would prefer a BBR in a display case.
          But let me be clear that I think that both lines (orginal and diecast) are way to expensive.

          Fact is that stopping the agreement with Hotwheels has resulted in huge, huge disappointment for collectors.
          Or you buy highly expensive, like BBR, models, which really do look good, but aren’t that perfect in finishing details (at least mine have minor disappointments).
          Or you by ‘child’ toys for around € 40 – € 60, which really have a great price-performance rating. But there just miles behind the latest Hotwheels models.
          There is no ‘mid-range’ right now which is killing the market.
          Bburago hasn’t got any nice models for me right now and I definitely will not buy let’s say 3, 4 or 5 BBR’s in one or two or three, or whatever years.

  3. Flamy says:

    All I need is a 1:24 360 Modena in stock form, I wouldn’t even mind a Scudaria. Gotta wait for next year…

  4. MS7 says:

    Ferrari’s biggest mistake was to ditch Hot Wheels for Bburago. They are just not up to the task of producing good quality models at all. Hot Wheels Elite has a great broad range of Ferrari classics that were well built, detalied and affordable. Bburago make mediocre quality models that just do not cut it at all in my view. What a crying shame! Norev would be a great manufacturer to take over from Bburago if it came to it…not overly expensive yet affordable and most of all very good quality for the price.

  5. ryser says:

    D accord avec tout ce qui vient d etre dit , ferrari ne mérite pas Bburago , aucun modèle interressant , que des réeditions , personne ne va acheter ces modèles , Hot weels était bien meilleur , j aimerais Norev !!!

  6. P.M. says:

    Unfortunately Bburago once again has not proved up to the Ferrari brand. I hope the Ferrari will realize and remove the license and return to hot wheels with BBR and Looksmart. It’s really incredible that Bburago does not produce anything new in 1/18 scale total inability of Bburago to enhance the potential of the Ferrari brand.

  7. Eric Weston says:

    I just can’t understand Bburago. They make such a hype about their new Signature line yet produce very little for it. Also, Bburago is one of the worst companies to try and communicate with too, they just don’t respond to inquiries about anything. They just don’t care about the consumer/collector.

  8. JD says:

    A real slap in the face for collectors is that Bburago has the audacity to re-release their last century molds with no upgrades whatsoever and sell them at premium price. Look at that absolute horrid 250 GTO it still doesn’t have wipers. I’ve totally given up hopes on all Bburago’s Ferrari will probably never buy any (unless 2nd hand dirty cheap) and i have to put my wish of getting more vintage Ferraris from other makers

  9. George K says:

    Face it, these are just toys. If I were an 8-year old, maybe. But they are just playthings.

  10. Hector Gonzalez says:

    Ferrari scale models being made by Bburago…dear oh dear we really have gone back to the dark ages of scale model cars…what on earth were Ferrari thinking of when they gave Bburago the contract? All we can hope for is that the contract is not for too long and maybe we see a manufacturer like Norev take over for the better. Bburago are just toys…nowhere near the quality that a brand like Ferrari should be trusting to produce their model cars…shocking indeed!

  11. Ollie says:

    As I’ve said before, it’s an utter waste of a license for possibly the most sought marque on the planet. So sad.

  12. Gerald Farnham says:

    So sad that the licensing department of Ferrari think that Bburago are a fit and suitable company to produce scale model replicas of their cars. Deary me! What a very sad situation for all!

  13. John says:

    Has anyone an answer from burago or ferrari?I’m very curious to hear what they have to say.In any case this is deeply dispointing

  14. Steven Mcbridge says:

    I am incredibly dissapointed that Ferrari chose Bburago to produce their scale model cars. Bburago is a company with an enviable talent to produce poor quality models and rush them out. So Ferrari obviously have no idea whatsoever, just awful!

  15. Simon says:

    Burago is not the best quality however not many is released in scale 1:24 for Ferrari; it does add to the collection while some models are re-issues. Maisto was more fun to assemble. And indeed Resin is hard to find and burns your budget. Still, better this than none………………….

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