Build the Willys MP Jeep: A genuine piece of military history! •

Build the Willys MP Jeep: A genuine piece of military history!

Few vehicles boast the same historic relevance and reverence as the Willys MP Jeep.

The instantly-recognizable U.S. Army Truck played a key part in the Allied efforts on D-Day, June 6th, 1944, carrying heroic American troops across Omaha Beach in Normandy. General Eisenhower called it one of the six most important vehicles hailing from World War II.  And you can now build your own 1:8 scale model of this iconic Jeep, made by the Die-Cast Club.

This die-cast metal replica features the meticulous details all collectors expect, including an intricately reproduced L134 ‘Go-Devil’ engine model under the hood; US Army 1st Infantry Division insignia; field telephone; spade and axe attached to the driver’s door; accurate dials, illuminated by lights on the dashboard; folding windshield; Jerrycan; aerial; and fully-functioning head- and brake-lights. The model similarly boasts working taillights on its ¼-ton Cargo Trailer.

The 29.5 inch-long build-up comes complete with the impressive M2 Machine Gun and 37mm Anti-tank Gun.

All its components are numbered, and your second shipment includes step-by-step photographic instructions on how to put your model together. Everything clicks or screws together, so you don’t have to risk damaging your replica using glue.

Make your own Willys MP Jeep 1:8 scale model and own your own piece of history by subscribing through the Die-Cast Club.

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  1. Karsten says:

    An odd scale for a military model. At scale 1:6 all the action figure collectors would be happy customers.

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