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Buonarte Model RUF CTR 1987/2017

Welcome newcomer, well to us, Buonarte Model.  Their latest, the 1:18 scale version of RUF CTR in 1987 and 2017 trim will be released later this month.  This resin and static examples bear a serious resemblance to the same replicas issued by Spark.  The difference from what we gather is a velvet Black base, Yellow stitch work with Yellow Metallic plate. Does this added filter equate to a $379 price tag?  We’ll let you decide.

Product# 18WS009  / 18WS010

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10 Responses to "Buonarte Model RUF CTR 1987/2017"

  1. Patrick T. says:

    Do we need these while Spark makes great examples allready.any info on future subjects?

  2. Veneno says:

    Aren’t those Spark models and they just added the base? They look exactly the same as the Sparks.

  3. Jason says:

    For that price it should be gold plated! The model world has just gotten totally stupid with these prices.

  4. Giorgio262 says:

    Given that sealed models are not for me, what stands out here from my point of view, is the inconsistency in the panel lining. They took care of it on the 1987 model ctr (and it adds to realism in my opinion) but they didn’t on the 2017 model. Is that intentional? Is that supposed to mean that all the panel gaps on the 2017 model are much much tighter than on the 1987 original ctr?

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