CMC 2020 Footprint? •

CMC 2020 Footprint?

What is officially coming in 2020 will be unveiled shortly in detail by CMC.  Unofficially we have a glimpse of possible newness throughout the year.  The Mercedes-Benz Pullman 600/Landaulet is coming back in new colours and variants.  The rear section convertible is definitely a unique piece.  Don’t know what to make of the gold-leaf Ferrari…  And the promised 1:18 SSK Count Trossi is coming.

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4 Responses to "CMC 2020 Footprint?"

  1. ss19 says:

    The red MB600 – is too much…

  2. spikyone says:

    The gold Ferrari is just a prototype, like greyware. I don’t expect them to actually release it in that colour! It looks like a 275 GTB.

    Hopefully CMC have made it their new year’s resolution to improve the accuracy, details, and materials of their models. Some of their recent models have been a bit off; the engine on the D50 and pretty much everything about the C Type were a long way short of justifying the huge asking price.

  3. Atalante says:

    Not my thing but that Gold Ferrari (prototype shown) will actually be released.

    CMC press released from 2020 Toyfair: ‘’ In commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the marque, CMC offers an exclusive novelty that stands out like a “gem” from the rest of offerings so far – a replica of the Ferrari 275 GTB/C that is elaborately crafted and gilded in 14-carat gold. Limited to 500 pcs and gold- plated, it is a “gem” in the true sense of word. To protect its valuable gold-gilt surface, the elegantly shaped body is sealed with a clear layer of varnish.‘’

    • MLB says:

      That gold plated Ferrari thing is a waste. And if the plating were actually good, then there would be no need at all to seal it with varnish.

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