CMC Ends Partnership with the Ferrari Marque •

CMC Ends Partnership with the Ferrari Marque

An official announcement from CMC was made on their website today, informing the diecast world that they will not renew their licensing partnership with Ferrari.  This is definitely a loss for the diecast community as some of their Ferrari models are legendary.  Is Ferrari greedy? We will most likely never know the reasons why.  Official statement from CMC below.

“CMC Announcement: Finalization of our official partnership with Ferrari.
CMC’s licensing relationship with Ferrari will end on June 30, 2015.We will start to sell off our stocked Ferrari model cars from May 15 through June 29. For information regarding availability and discounts, please get in direct touch with us. countries”

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5 Responses to "CMC Ends Partnership with the Ferrari Marque"

  1. George K says:

    “Is Ferrari greedy?” Perhaps. Do they care about quality? Clearly not, now with Bburago as the new maker.
    Thank goodness I have all the Ferraris I need.

  2. KARsten says:

    I agree with George K: I bless myself lucky to have all the Ferraris I ever wanted in my collection, all in diecast and made by manufacturers like Kyosho, BBR, CMC and … (yes, by comparison to Burago still to be considered as upmarketish) Hotwheels Elite. But maybe it´s not Ferrari being greedy. It could be that CMC feel that they have now done all the vintage Ferraris they found worth doing and want to turn to other carmakers instead. And they´ll certainly save some money by no longer paying license fees.

  3. Bharath says:

    Sad news… No other marque has more historical significance then Ferrari, but they are never short on stubbornness. CMC will have to look at German heritage for cars now..

  4. rochester says:

    Bharath….why German marques?…..there are still plenty of Italian ,NON-Ferrari cars that have not been done. And the Germans do hold a lock on classics….rather those would be the provence of the French and English. While I will miss CMC as a source of Ferrari models, I think that someone will easily step into the gap they leave. And, please recall, that CMC were NOT that ‘perfect’….rather they seem to have developed a fault to do ‘fantasy’ details on their newer releases especially….the curve of a bumper, the hideous riveting on the 312P’s, the tires and ride height of the Aston Zagato, etc. perhaps it’s best that both parties have a chance to ‘step back’ to re-set their goals….let’s just see what happens, OK ?

  5. Remi says:

    Is Ferrari greedy ? I do not know but I agree with Rochester saying that the quality of recent CMC’s Ferraris is not that high anymore. The 312 is not well finished (position of weels too much inside, riveting). I do regret that GMP ended its production of the P4 and 312 PB and will never do the 512.

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