CMC Production Jaguar C-Type, 1952 (British Racing Green) •

CMC Production Jaguar C-Type, 1952 (British Racing Green)

We highlighted some pre-production images earlier, today we share some production photos of the recently released CMC 1:18, diecast metal, Jaguar C-Type, 1952 in British Racing Green.  There is some much goodness here, one doesn’t know where to start.  Flip-open and lockable engine hood uncover the heart of the Jaguar.  Love the textures utilized on the motor and surrounding bits.  The car consists of 1,155 parts in total.  Amazing!  Is she historically accurate, we’re not 100% sure.  Your thoughts?

About the Jaguar C-Type…  “The Jaguar C-Type has a proud racing history and from today’s point of view is the beginning of Jaguar Cars Ltd’s impressive motorsport program. The XKC was born out of the idea of William Lyons – not a “sir” at this time yet and his Chief developer William Heynes in the late summer of 1950. The two wanted to give the sporting image of the brand a lasting boost and demonstrate the result to the international audience and potential buyers in the following year in Le Mans. Quod erat demonstrandum!While the drive of the brand new C-Type built on the proven engine of the XK120, its robust, but weighty chassis has been replaced by a very lightweight tubular frame. The Jaguar Cars Ltd. developed three different variants of the C-Type: The first variant were the three “pre-production” racing cars of Le Mans in 1951 – which reached their destination incidentally on their own wheels – equipped with drum brakes, two SU carburetors and eye-catching air outlets on the hood. The second variant was the production vehicles built from 1952 – from chassis number XKC005 to XKC049, also with drum brakes and SU carburetors, but with swept air outlets on the hood. The last evolution of the C-Type were the factory race cars 1953, which differed from the customer XKC but in some features: The revised engines showed three Weber double carburetor type 40DCO3, the body was handmade using very thin alloy sheet-metal, even an airborne rubber fuel tank was used. Jaguar installed Dunlop disc brakes and a servo amplifier for brake pressure support for the first time. For improved roadholding in Le Mans, the rear axle got an additional support and the front axle got a stronger anti-roll bar. The reward of their work invested: Game, set and victory. On June 14, 1953, at 16:00 the Jaguar Boys had their job done. The Jaguar C-types literally rolled down their competitors, with first, second and fourth place finishes.”

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5 Responses to "CMC Production Jaguar C-Type, 1952 (British Racing Green)"

  1. George K says:

    Wow. That’s a real model. I’ve just abandoned my retirement from this hobby. Must put an order in.
    The tonneau cover came out nicely. Everything looks hood.

  2. MLB says:

    Overall this looks very impressive. Very, very good, but…. not completely accurate.
    The front body/nose seems to be not quite right – it should be a little more blunt, curvature seems off. The way it is now makes the headlights & grill appear to be positioned off from where they should be. Side exhaust pipes poorly fitted and tips should definitely not be angled up. The biggest bad surprise to me was that the spoke pattern of the wire wheels, and quantity of the spokes is in a word: wrong. I have never seen any C-Type or found pics anywhere including any XK120 that has wheels looking just like the CMC pieces. And of course they should also be painted silver to be correct. Nonetheless, it still is a great looking model, just not quite correct.

    Why am I so critical?
    Well, the criticism is based on the over $500 price, quantity of versions to be sold, and the fact that all of the information, sources, and people are available to make a more accurate and correct model these days. And… when a company brags about all of their awards and how superb their models are, they do open themselves up to critical reviews, and being looked at very closely.

  3. spikyone says:

    I posted something similar about the nose in the main forums. I agree it’s too bulbous, which makes it look like the headlight position is off.
    As well as the obvious issue with the wire wheels, I think the tyres are too big. They shouldn’t fill the arches like that. And I’m not that impressed with some of the materials used in the engine either. Like you say, at this price, you expect better.

  4. Bent Amundsen says:

    If you guys can see these things in a second, why dont CMC. I do not know this car, and I would not buy it, but when the price is this high, great accuracy is important.

  5. JM says:

    What? 499€ for this model? This is crazy!!! 200€ is absolutly is the maximum and correct price for this model!!!

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