CMC Vintage Formula One Series Grows By One. •

CMC Vintage Formula One Series Grows By One.

The team at Classic Model Cars is in the midst of their latest project, the Lancia D50.  With the help of the folks from Jim Stokes Workshops Ltd. (an automotive restoration shop), the short nose Lancia D50 is currently undergoing the transformation into 1/18 scale.  Full and detailed 3-D scans of the Lancia D50 are being completed now for a future CMC production car.  What scale and possible variants are still to be determined, but only time will tell.  Very cool!

About the Lancia D50…  “The D50 made its race debut toward the end of the 1954 Formula One season in the hands of two-time and reigning World Champion, Italian driver Alberto Ascari. In its very first event Ascari took both pole position in qualifying and fastest race lap, although his car’s clutch failed after only ten laps.  Following Ascari’s death, and in increasing financial trouble, the Lancia family sold their controlling share in the Lancia company, and the assets of Scuderia Lancia were given to Scuderia Ferrari. Ferrari continued to develop the car, although they removed many of Jano’s most innovative designs, and the car was rebadged as the “Lancia-Ferrari D50” and later simply the “Ferrari D50″. Juan Manuel Fangio won the 1956 World Championship of Drivers with this car modified by Ferrari.  During their competition lifespan D50s were entered into 14 World Championship Formula One Grands Prix, winning five.”

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