Cult Scale Models New January Releases •

Cult Scale Models New January Releases

Cult Scale Models has released pre-production images of five new models. The feature is the must have 1958 Porsche 918 RSK Monoposte. Based on images the execution so far is superb. Each model from Cult Scale Models is completed in 1:18 scale and features high-quality resin with quality photo-etched parts. There is no release date available for any of model found here, all listed as TBD. Other new releases include:

Range Rover Classic Vogue grey metallic 1990
Mini Clubman Estate red 1974
Mercedes-Benz W460 G-Class Cabrio red 1979
Peugeot 304 Cabrio metallic green 1973

cm_CML027-1 cm_CML027-1b cm_CML027-1c

cm_CML027-1d cm_CML027-1e cm_CML025-1

cm_CML025-1b cm_CML025-1c cm_CML025-1d

cm_CML017-1 cm_CML017-1b cm_CML017-1c

cm_CML017-1d cm_CML018-1 cm_CML018-1b

cm_CML018-1c cm_CML018-1d cm_CML013-1

cm_CML013-1b cm_CML013-1c cm_CML013-1d

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