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Davis & Giovanni Diablo 6.0 – Sunset Dream

The exterior on this next piece from Davis & Giovanni is called Sunset Dream.  The car is a tuner version of the Lamborghini Diablo 6.0.  Crafted in resin with a sealed-body design the details are good and the production numbers are really low.  Only a handful will make it into the Japanese market.

Product# DG18066

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4 Responses to "Davis & Giovanni Diablo 6.0 – Sunset Dream"

  1. Bob Ashton says:

    I like tuned exotic’s, but this thing is ugly. What a way to ruin a Diablo!

  2. George K says:

    Davis and Giovanni appear to specialize in that.

  3. Pier Paolo says:

    I often wonder what sense these models have. Bah.

  4. Leslie F says:

    This is the most beautiful Diablo I’ve ever seen, just right after the GTR and the LB tuned ones.

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