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Davis & Giovanni New 1:18 and & 1:12 Examples

In the high-end market, Davis & Giovanni are back with some newness in 1:18 and 12:12 scale.  The feature finds the 1:18 Novitec 720S N-Largo.  Also, here is the 1:18 Novitec 488 Pista.  1:12 scale-wise, more tuner cars featuring the LB Performance Aventador LV x Supreme and LB Performance Aventador 2.0 in Matt Silver, each limited to 20 pieces.  Note the 1:18 will feature additional colours, we’ll add more details as they come!

Product# DG180151A / DG180146A / DG12001F / DG12002A

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  1. H.S. says:

    I hope Peako Model hurry it with their Ferrari 812 N-Largo and F8 N-Largo models its been far too long. D&G is far too pricey

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