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DiecastSociety.com 2021 Model of the Year! VOTING NOW OPEN!!!

Welcome to this year’s Models of the Year Awards – yes plural!

After years and years of recurring debate about the voting mode, the DiecastSociety.com team found that critics ultimately do have a point when they argue that it’s a little unfair to have budget models pitched against models three or four times the price and ever so nicely detailed models of vintage cars or trucks fighting an uphill battle against hypercars and poster stars. That the fun-activity – which it is still meant to be – created apparent losers (that are in fact winners when you take a more differentiated look) may have spoiled the fun for some.

We (and yes, there is a team deliberating behind this) weighed the options and agreed on this year’s approach. We do not intend to make this overly complicated where each voter would have to spend an hour on the voting process if they were to handle this responsibly, especially with models outside your collection theme of interest. Casting votes negligently would discredit the DiecastSociety.com Awards more than remedy the old format’s shortcomings.

So at first glance, this year’s process does not seem too different from recent years with its one list. But this year you may cast three votes (please use them all) instead of making tough decisions in between equally deserving models and different valid criteria for making a choice. You will find each model tagged with markers for categories signifying vehicle types and price ranges. These needn’t mean much when casting your votes, you can just pick your favourite three… period. You may, however, deliberately wish to give credit to the variety the hobby offers these days in 1:18 scale. (apologies, but other scales will be excluded as we cannot possibly do their even greater variety justice, not even remotely.) We will use the tags to determine not only a clear overall winner to be awarded our trophy, we will additionally pay tribute to the models that will be closest to the top in their category. This means there will not only be one overall winner, the one DiecastSociety.com Model of the Year to get the trophy (and sorry, running this website takes priority first, we can only afford the one trophy), but we also wish to pay due tribute to the winners for each category (like best performance model, best vintage model, best racing or competition model, best model under $150). Why? Because in their own way, addressing a minority interest, made with and for a limited budget, they are winners too, as often reflected in our reviews and your comments, and their manufacturers can be as proud of the achievement as their collectors are proud to own them.

In this spirit, we hope to have addressed some of the issues involved with the Awards, perhaps creating new ones instead. Yet, we hope you will enjoy the Awards at least as much as in recent years, perhaps more so, because the comments remain switched off, for each of you to quietly consider for yourself in peace, to which three models you wish to give your votes.


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Legend: Includes Vehicle Type & Price

P = Performance (street-legal hypercar, sportscar, GTs, including convertible, roadster versions)
S = Street (street-legal sedans, limousines, sport saloons including convertible, roadster, coupe versions of sedans)
U = Utility (SUV, pickup, truck, off-roaders, haulers)
R = Race (F1, Rally or any other motorsports competition including versions of street-legal vehicles)
M = Modified (after-market tuning, resto-mod, drag, anything non-stock)
V = Vintage
$ = Model price up to $150
$$ = Model price from $150-300
$$$ = Model price above $300

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