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DiecastSociety.com 2022 Model of the Year Awards – VOTE NOW!

With the first snowflakes falling outside and on Diecastsociety.com’s website heralding the end of the year, it is time to initiate the annual custom that coincides with the festive season. It is time to reflect on what the year has brought us and assess which of this year’s models deserves one of our Model of the Year Awards.

Last year´s changes to the voting process were widely welcomed, made the competition more exciting and yielded well-deserved recognition for very different models. That´s why this year again you may cast three votes and find each model tagged with markers for categories signifying vehicle types and price ranges. Again, you can just pick your overall favourite three or your personal winners in different categories matching your personal collection preferences.

The list of contenders features an assortment of models we have and have not reviewed in detail, though they present something that piqued our interest over the year.  The comments will remain switched off to prevent campaigning for (or worse: against) particular manufacturers or models. What could possibly be said about each has been or still can be said in the comments for each review or general discussion. See the legend below to understand the overall breakdown for vehicle type and price.  And one final request: Please respect the democratic principle of voting that each of us can only cast their (up to) three votes once!

And now … a wonderful Christmas time and happy voting!


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Legend: Includes Vehicle Type & Price

P = Performance (street-legal hypercar, sportscar, GTs, including convertible, roadster versions)
S = Street (street-legal sedans, limousines, sport saloons including convertibles, roadsters, and coupes)
U = Utility (SUV, pickup, truck, off-roaders, haulers)
R = Race (F1, Rally or any other motorsports competition including versions of street-legal vehicles)
M = Modified (after-market tuning, resto-mod, drag, anything non-stock)
V = Vintage
$ = Model price up to $150
$$ = Model price from $150-300
$$$ = Model price above $300

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