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DiecastSociety.com 2023 Model of the Year Awards – VOTE NOW!

Absolutely thrilled to share the incredible journey of DiecastSociety.com in 2023! Against all odds, this edition wasn’t initially on the cards, but a fortunate discovery of CMC’s win and exuberance from the previous year’s victory ignited an unstoppable spark within our team. And how could we let go of a year that has delivered outstanding quality releases and fierce competition across diverse brands and price points.

With boundless excitement, the DiecastSociety.com team proudly presents the final candidates for the prestigious 2023 Model of the Year. This carefully curated list showcases what we consider to be the most groundbreaking releases spanning various themes, brands, and price ranges. We sincerely believe there’s something here for every enthusiast, and we genuinely hope you find joy in our selections. If, by any chance, we’ve missed something, please accept our heartfelt apologies. Your input is invaluable, so take a moment to cast your votes – you have a maximum of three, and we encourage you to use them all!

A resounding shoutout to our extended team members whose selfless dedication has been the backbone of our website throughout the years. 2023 had its challenges, but your unwavering support kept us going. A massive thank you to our site sponsors – your backing is the lifeline that keeps this platform thriving. Last but certainly not least, to the manufacturers and brands shaping this extraordinary hobby, and to all who appreciate what we do here, our gratitude knows no bounds. Here’s to a fantastic 2024, and may your collecting endeavours be filled with joy and discovery! Cheers to the passionate community that makes DiecastSociety.com truly extraordinary!


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Legend: Includes Vehicle Type & Price

P = Performance (street-legal hypercar, sportscar, GTs, including convertible, roadster versions)
S = Street (street-legal sedans, limousines, sport saloons including convertibles, roadsters, and coupes)
U = Utility (SUV, pickup, truck, off-roaders, haulers)
R = Race (F1, Rally or any other motorsports competition including versions of street-legal vehicles)
M = Modified (after-market tuning, resto-mod, drag, anything non-stock)
V = Vintage
$ = Model price up to $150
$$ = Model price from $150-300
$$$ = Model price above $300

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