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DiecastSociety.com Forum Update

So we’ve received a number of emails on when the DS forums will be once again active.  Unfortunately, this is going to take more time than we expected.  In short, the forum engine is dated, we’ve put off the inevitable for as long as possible – a full update is required in the end.  And it also doesn’t help that our primary IT guy is missing in action LOL.   Fingers crossed that within 1-2 weeks all will be back to normal.  Happy collecting all!

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2 Responses to "DiecastSociety.com Forum Update"

  1. Yeow Yi Fan says:

    “Missing in action” is the most dreaded scenario ever, be it at work or when striking a deal. XD

    As long as the News section is working I think Diecast Society is fine. No rush in getting the Forum running again as long as it is done right. Cheers.

  2. Marcel171281 says:

    We will spam the forum with a massive amount of pictures when it is up and running again. The forum might be down, the collecting continues!

    For the time being, keep up the good work and better properly, then getting things done in a rush.

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