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DiecastSociety.com Exclusive: First Look CMC Ferrari 1962 250 GTO

The team at DiecastSociety.com literally has the upcoming CMC Ferrari 1962 250 GTO in our hands!  I think we’re the first to show-off this beauty without the glitter, glam and lights…  First impressions of the CMC Ferrari 1962 250 GTO replica, simply AMAZING! Model exceeds on all levels, and lives up to the legendary craftsmanship of the CMC team.

We’ll have a full in depth review coming shortly, for now enjoy these tasty images.  Please note the images presented here are of a pre-production model.  The production piece may differ slightly.  Enjoy!

cmc_preferrari250gto cmc_preferrari250gto2 cmc_preferrari250gto3

cmc_preferrari250gto4 cmc_preferrari250gto5 cmc_preferrari250gto6

cmc_preferrari250gto7 cmc_preferrari250gto8 cmc_preferrari250gto9

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16 Responses to "DiecastSociety.com Exclusive: First Look CMC Ferrari 1962 250 GTO"

  1. Uzair says:

    Nice scoop :) However I can see only the title image, no other images. Did you remove them due to NDA or something?

  2. Wes Shakirov says:

    Pardon my messy table. Hoping to do the review tomorrow, stay tuned y’all!

  3. George K says:

    What’s all over the back deck, under the rear window?

  4. Alex says:

    WES, Hows the quality of the Quilted leather on the interior? Does it look nicely done or poorly done? Your picture and others that I have seen, does not look Quilted like the original car. It looks like just a plain stitch going across. I am planning on purschasing all 4 colors if the quality is correct. If quality is poor then sorry CMC. I wont buy the others

    • Wes says:

      Poor quality is definitely not a problem here. Having said that, quilted leather stitching makes the leather puffy and here it looks flat, so the effect did not translate well into 1/18 scale

  5. George K says:

    I own most of the CMCs. Sometimes their insistence on trying to formulate natural materials into a model’s interior just looks awful. Leather which is hugely-grained, or the “giant” fabric in the seats, such as the Birdcage. While I appreciate CMC’s idea’s in this respect, it is not a look that I am crazy to spend hundreds of dollars to have. This rear deck in the GTOs looks awful. I think I’ve finally found a CMC that I’ll take a pass on, which is very disappointing. I have been dreaming of a super-high end GTO model for years.

    • DS Team says:

      I respect that. Though I take the opposite stance, if it was present on the model then it should be replica, yes in some instances the piece of area may not be perfect but in this case I think it looks good. Hopefully the production model will be a little more refined.

  6. Alex says:

    I agree with you 100% George. the rear quilted deck looks awfu on the CMC. Does any one here own a BBR Ferrari 250 GTO and can you tell us how does the rear quilted deck compare to the CMC model and what material did BBR use. Looking at pics on line, It looks like BBR and Kyosho got the rear quilted deck correct. BBR, if you are reading this can you go back into making Ferraris with opening features. I have the BBR 375 and the 512 in my collection and the detail is GREAT. Now imagine if BBR made the 250 GTO with opening features. WOW. I still love CMC, but they screwed up here trying to imitate the quilted leather look

  7. Alex says:

    Who made the BBR 512 then? Who ever did they out did themselves with the details!

  8. Wes says:

    I think Kyosho were doing the building and BBR took care of the design.

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