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Ebbro Hino Samurai & Porsche Livery Samples

Ebbro is giving us a first look at two projects.  The first is the cool looking 1:18 Hino Samurai, first shown at the Shizuoka Hobby Show in May.  We’re definitely looking forward to this one!  The second project are a couple of 1:43 race Porsches featuring Excellence and Gulf 2016 trim.

About the Hino Samurai…  “In the early 1960’s, Japan had slowly warmed up to the idea of motor racing. The emerging Japanese auto industry had steadily found its strength in small, dependable and practical vehicles, but had never really embraced the concept of driving solely for the fun of it. One such burgeoning Japanese manufacturer was Hino Industry Corporation.  Hino had started out with the manufacture of large commercial diesel engines and trucks, which turned out to be a very successful endeavor.  Unfortunately Japan’s capitulation at the end of the Second World War put an embargo on Hino’s commercial diesel activities, which meant the company had to look elsewhere. As such the decision was made to enter the passenger car market by building licensed versions of the Renault 4CV.”

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  1. Philip Larsen says:

    Samurai is a great looking model. Do you know the release date?

  2. Inquisitor says:

    It’s hard to believe it now, but Hino were an independent car manufacturer along with their trucks, known mostly for the excellent Contessa. They were swallowed by Toyota who ended all car production. A fate I believe now also awaits Subaru…..

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