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Exoto 43 Bartoletti 306/2 Piper Attwood / Shelby American

Exoto expands their 1:43 series with a few stunning new additions.  The feature sees the 1968 Bartoletti 306/2 Piper Attwood – Le Mans transporter and car.  The second features the 1964 Shelby American – Official Racing in Viking Blue Metallic and Wimbledon White.  All pieces are highly detailed and rival those of bigger brother 1:18 scale.  Please contact Exoto for more information and availability.

exoto_Bartoletti 306.2 Piper Attwood exoto_Bartoletti 306.2 Piper Attwood2 exoto_Bartoletti 306.2 Piper Attwood3

exoto_Bartoletti 306.2 Piper Attwood4 exoto_Bartoletti 306.2 Piper Attwood5 exoto_Bartoletti 306.2 Piper Attwood6

exoto_Shelby American.1964 exoto_Shelby American.19642 exoto_Shelby American.19643

exoto_Shelby American.19644 exoto_Shelby American.19645 exoto_Shelby American.19646

exoto_Shelby American.19647 exoto_Shelby American.19648

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