FIRST LOOK: ACME 1965 Dodge Coronet AWB! •

FIRST LOOK: ACME 1965 Dodge Coronet AWB!

Shifting gears to little American muscle, the team at ACME presents fans with a first look at their upcoming 1965 Dodge Coronet AWB “Gold Rush” and 1965 Dodge Coronet AWB Custom! Along with the typical 360 access provided by ACME, these have an active suspension to boot.  The product is limited to 750 pieces each with the production pieces to arrive in January 2022.

About the Coronet Gold Rush …  “The 1965 Coronet Gold Rush is a lightweight track monster with a stripped interior, 426 Hemi, and beefy rear end with aggressive gearset. And this ’65 Coronet Drag car dubbed “Gold Rush” is sure to please. While it’s not a period-used strip car, it has been meticulously crafted as a 60’s era tribute replete with a fire-breathing 511 Hemi! “

Product# A1806506 / A1806507

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