First Look: Almost Real Pagani Huayra Roadster •

First Look: Almost Real Pagani Huayra Roadster

We might be looking at the 2019 Model of the Year.  The team at Almost Real have finally unveiled a working sample of their 1:18, diecast metal with opening bits Pagani Huayra Roadster.  This is an early pre-production piece, some items left as bare metal and unfinished.  A fully decorated sample is around the corner…

Almost Real does realize there is more work to be done.  They want to hear your feedback, so what do you think?  What needs improvement?  No word on-shelf date, but the team tells us she is coming soon!  On a side note, it was quite comical to read the posts on their FB page.  How soon the collector will turn on the almighty AUTOart.  It was definitely a good read.  We’re looking forward to getting our hands on a working model.  Hopefully, you’ll see her reviewed here real soon.  Enjoy the pics!

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  1. Abbi says:

    I strongly suggest to improve the interior since all that black plastic is not motivating to buy. Exterior detail is perfect, but I think more engine detail is needed like that of the GTAutos version

  2. Roger Lodge says:

    Looking so promising! And thank you for the referral to the facebook comments, it’s almost heartwarming to see the profanity laced ill will directed towards Autoart, they deserve every bit of animosity they get for the crap they now produce. I just wish more of you collectors would stop letting them pilfer your wallets so they would be forced to reform or die out sooner than later!

  3. Karsten says:

    Well, well, well, Almost Real may deservedly get favourable comments at AUTOart´s cost on FB and Almost Real will just as deservedly reap the rewards in DS´s Model of the Year awards, but voters have still chosen to vote for AUTOart´s Koenigsegg One:1 over BBR´s Ferrari F12 tdf. So the diehard AA fans are still giving AA credit despite of it all.
    To be fair, AA´s Huayra still is a good model, their pinnacle really (but made almost half a decade ago). We know, they do not LISTEN, but now AA will FEEL the punishment over the AMG GTR where collectors in their right mind will ask AR to take their money, not AA. However, just look at the comments on AA´s 2019 footprint here on DS: Enough buyers there, AA won´t change until AR is able to compete on a wider range of models.

    • Tomcatters says:

      Your last comment describes exactly the problem I have at the moment. AR makes fantastic models, but so far they haven’t produced anything that I would buy at those prices. Not from AR, not from AA, not from anyone period.
      But I am really waiting for the Paganis, especially the Zondas. AutoArt still has the benefit of being able to produce a wider range of models to enlarge their portfolio. The only other alternative to AA’s One:1 is a closed resin model which costs even more for example.
      And as I mentioned under the model of the year Post: for me, the One:1 ja objectively better than the TDF. Both are overpriced for what they deliver, but AA has finer paint work and better over all details like tyre sidewalls.
      Anyway, can’t wait for AR to finally release those models I am interested in. Then I can finally give them my support as well.

  4. Mike says:

    So there is light at the end of the tunnel huh? Now can we get a release date please.

    • Karsten says:

      You´re kidding! But we can always guess: From experience with AR I´d reckon 2020. Just look at how long the AMG GTR was in the making or how long we have been waiting for the Mulsannes now (DS shared pictures of more advanced stages than the Huyara back in April 2018, suspected Q3 2018 release, and nothing was heard since then). Although the S-Class was released more than 6 months ago, there is no sign of the Brabus Rocket 900, altough it will share most parts. Just follow each of the released models´ history on their FB and you´ll get the general idea.

  5. Nero says:

    300€? 350€? 400€? A mortgage maybe??

    God sake, we love cars so much… but we are a bit stupids.. (Included me)

    About the car, looks nice, but all depends of the price of it.. Not some much offers for AMR models, and the panic of loose the oportunity is the nonending game of every model.

    At this time is less hard plan to get a cool car like a second hand hot hatch, than own a 100-200 model cars collection of this brands.. AMR, AA,etc..

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