First Look: AUTOart Bugatti Vision GT - Red/Black Carbon (UPDATED) •

First Look: AUTOart Bugatti Vision GT – Red/Black Carbon (UPDATED)

** UPDATE **  We have more photos to share of the pre-production sample Bugatti Vision GT – Red/Black Carbon.  It does look as we are limited to access to the interior only.  Not sure what the 1:1 provides in terms of “easy” access either.  Also, there is a functional rear spoiler.  See photos for more details.

The AUTOart 1:18 scale Bugatti Vision GT is one step closer.  The team today did officially release a pre-production working sample photo of the Bugatti Vision GT in exterior Red with Black Carbon.  This highly anticipated replica will be the first in 1:18 scale with access to the interior bits.  We can’t wait to get your hands on one!

Product# 70988 

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9 Responses to "First Look: AUTOart Bugatti Vision GT – Red/Black Carbon (UPDATED)"

  1. Vitaliy D says:

    This one can be interesting… if it is not one of these only-doors-can-be-open or engineless models produced by AutoArt recently (a degradable tendency…).

    • Vitaliy D says:

      Though, not. Not interesting at all.
      I’ve recently bought my first – and last – composite model by AutoArt, and I just don’t have enough words to express my disappontment by the composite line. With a cost of 300 euros, this composite model is rather a plastic parody of AutoArt’s Pagani Huayra. Remember the Pagani Huayra – it is – sorry, was – the AutoArt we loved. I’ve compared the compisite model to it, and it is worse in absolutely all the aspects, it is – don’t get me wrong! – just crap. Now I know everything I needed about the AutoArt’s composite line, and for me it is definitely “no go”.

      • Roger Lodge says:

        I agree, I gave them 2 chances on their composite models and I refuse to settle for them, everything about them except shutlines pale in comparison to the old diecasts. AutoArt used to get around 60% of the money I spent on diecast and now they get 0. The only AutoArts I still buy are out of production diecasts on ebay.

        I hope more collectors like you refuse to settle and hit them where it hurts.

  2. Grey M says:

    I really cant wait for this one to be released, as I did not decide to get the 500+ dollar resin version. Do you know an estimated pricing?

  3. lacour says:

    This thing is gorgeous! two question:

    -do we know if it will be in the signature or composite series?
    -can someone predict a release date?

  4. flathead says:

    Looks great! Looking forward to the review.

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