First Look: Bburago Signature Ferrari FXX-K #75 - White •

First Look: Bburago Signature Ferrari FXX-K #75 – White

There is a new colour for the 1:18 Bburago Signature Ferrari FXX-K, the #75 dressed in White with Red accents is on the horizon.  As per our recent review, the model is average at best for an opening price point, but the brand is not evolving to the level of the old Hot Wheel Elite pieces as new models hot the market.  Read the complete review HERE.

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11 Responses to "First Look: Bburago Signature Ferrari FXX-K #75 – White"

  1. stef says:

    I like it, for the price it is very good I have bought a CMF TR sealed model for twice the price and its sealed without turning wheels that’s more disappointing, than a model for 58 euro with opening parts

    • stef says:

      Stop complaining about Bburago and complain over sealed models for twice the price or even more.

      • DS Team says:

        It is not complaining. The company took over a segment of the Ferrari business that has mass appeal, so this allows for a massive production run to bring down costs. Their offering are slow to market, and don’t live up to the standards of HWE; some elements of their models are good but others are toy-like. The Ferrari marque deserves more, a lot more. $400 sealed are nice but are niche and missing the open features. If Bburago can’t evolve with criticism by their mainstream audience, give up licensee and focus on other cheap and cheerful brands.

        • Stef says:

          Probably true I don’t mind paying 120euros for a full opening model but not 400€

        • Moondawn says:

          I think the mainstream audience (like Stef here) is quite happy with the value for money ratio. Burago wouldn’t continue doing this if they weren’t. I doubt they really want to leave that price range and risk upsetting the crowd. There are others who can do it better? Let them do it. Burago stays in it’s comfort zone and why not? The battle in the midrange prices is fierce and they stand a good chance of loosing it.

        • Petediecast says:

          I wish Bburago would take over all the car brands so we can buy them all. I would never paid hundreds of pounds for other brands that are rediculosly expensive. I have 2 Chirons fror less the 100£ but no Veyrons because they are so expensive. Go Bburago go.

  2. Jean-Michel says:

    I prefer non opening car with correct line, not with these horrible shut lines…
    just put a BBR model next to this one: Bburago is a toy and BBS is a real collector model…
    I have HW Elite, but never the like of Kyosho or Autoart, but still good enough to collect
    Sorry no Bburago in my collection

  3. Petediecast says:

    Guys leave Bburago alone. Thanks to manufacturers like them and Maisto etc, we can get models at very good prices and with opening parts. I have around 100 models and if i was to pay for each one 2,3,400£ like for BBR or other brands i would end up spending 20,30,40.000£ with which i could buy an used Nissan GTR or a PORSCHE in real life. Bravo to Burago for keeping the hobby affordable.

    • DS Team says:

      I believe the frustration is the fact there are Bburago Ferraris offered @ $100 and then you jump to $400 plus by other brands. Their detail is average, and less than desirable by serious collectors. HWE left a void, and honestly BBurago isn’t cutting it. We need BETTER middle-ground replica.

      • Jay Lee says:

        Totally agree. I’ve slowly moved away from my favorite…ferrari. buying other brands and models. Bburago has really turned me off. Forget recolors for gods sake. How many different colors of the California T do we have to see? New models in the signature line and stock colors please.

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