First Look: CMC Jaguar C-Type w/ Roll-bar •

First Look: CMC Jaguar C-Type w/ Roll-bar

Team CMC will be offering a special edition piece of their 1:18 Jaguar C-Type based on the 1952 car.  This replica will feature the basics of their current 1952 model but with added roll-bar.  The model can be displayed with or without.  Contact CMC or dealer for more information.

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15 Responses to "First Look: CMC Jaguar C-Type w/ Roll-bar"

  1. MLB says:

    Who would really want a non original sort of modern, rather ugly roll bar like that? Non original mirrors too, but I guess someone will be happy.

  2. Ilka says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s a replica of some SCCA racer, but haven’t find any info or photos about the real car so far.

  3. Pier Paolo says:

    This car (chassis XKC023) is the one owned by Dr. Christian Jenny, in Switzerland.
    Mr. Jenny participates in many historical competitions (including the MIlle Miglia), and probably the car is occasionally equipped with that roll-bar.

    • George K says:

      Thanks for the info! I guess it’s overly critical to attack CMC when they’ve replicated an actual car. But, that being said, they should go a bit farther, giving the actual replicated car the proper markings! For example, some scrutineering stickers on that roll bar?

      • MLB says:

        There was no “overly critical attack.” Its very simple – just facts, and yes an opinion on the aesthetics of the new roll bar. There have been plenty of opinions posted on models.

        They are sort of replicating a **restored** car. NOT anything historically accurate from when these cars were new and raced. And it still has all the other flaws to go along with the new non-original parts. I don’t know any collectors who prefer to buy something as modified now vs. something historically accurate.

  4. George K says:

    I’m with you on a lot of points. If people like us can so readily spit the flaws in a model, then why can’t a model company, with the resources, purpose and interest in producing an accurate replica do it?

    • MLB says:

      Great question, and one I’ve asked many times….and I’ve consulted with some of them too; CMC being one of the companies. And I no longer have any involvement with them. What they do & don’t do, often makes absolutely NO sense at all. As far as I can tell, they just don’t want to bother spending the time, and sometimes extra money to actually make things correctly – they seem to think that “good enough” will do for their customers.

      • George K says:

        Apparently their calculations work.
        I certainly do appreciate their efforts at remaining a true diecast model manufacturer. I just they’d put a bit more effort into the details. The reason they are held in the esteem they are is due to the fact that they produce models to a high standard. They just need to consider and even reward those who appreciate their products by striving for the most accurate models possible. It wouldn’t take that much more effort!

        • MLB says:

          Yes, while their models are produced to a very good standard, and they are diecast with working features, and pack in a lot, they do unfortunately make too many avoidable mistakes on almost every model. CMC could easily make their models accurately IF they really wanted to. But they don’t. I find it disturbing that they don’t want to improve accuracy, and they continue to make a number of obvious mistakes. For the prices their mass-produced models are selling at, they should be better.

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