First Look: GP Replicas Ferrari 330 P4 •

First Look: GP Replicas Ferrari 330 P4

On the heels on of our first review from the brand the team at GP Replicas gives us a first look at their gearware Ferrari 330 P4.  Based on initial images and our short conversation GP Replicas is making adjustment to focus on the finer details, they promise the 312T4 was steeping stone to bigger and better models.  We look forward to the assortment.

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  1. MLB says:

    Now this is interesting, and I hope it’s well done. Wonder what livery(s) they’ll produce? Also…. Amalgam has announced a 330P4 in their new sealed resin 1:18 line, but at about 3 times the price too! Looking forward to seeing what both of these companies release……

  2. Douglas Morales says:

    Gp replicas web site????

  3. Uzair says:

    Nice to see another 330 P3, but is it metal or resin? From the sample photos it looks like it is composed of separate pieces, so hopefully is fully opening diecast.

  4. slartibartfast229 says:

    Those special low drag mirror covers on the front wings were a signature of the cars at Le Mans in 1967. No real surprise in that choice…..

  5. Eduardo Baeta says:

    Hey GP Replicas why not some 1970-1971 512Ms for a fair price? We already had the 330 P4s from GMP, now we want new models!

  6. Bob Johnson says:

    There is a defined shape line that runs along the top edge of the front and rear fender.. those very obvious highlights (see Lawrence Stroll’s spyder) are TOTALLY missing on this pattern model!! The GMP 300 P4 has these details as does the really nice 1/24 Heller Ferrari 330 P4 model kit from 1968!!!

  7. Nordschleife says:

    Based on the images it seems like that the model is based on a P4-replica.
    The shape of the big side air intakes, and the two dents in the roof, which should cover the liftgate hinges, did never appear like that on the original race versions.

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