FIRST LOOK: LCD Models McLaren F1 •

FIRST LOOK: LCD Models McLaren F1

We haven’t heard much from LCD Models since presenting us with the inspiring Pagani Huayra Roadster and McLaren 600LT.  News today, the team will action the 1:18, diecast, full 360 version of the iconic McLaren F1!  This is great news for collectors wanting a desirable model, and one that currently has an inventory shortage of the AUTOart version.  No news on an official release date or pricing.  Let’s hope LCD Models can execute another model of the year contender! So far the results look promising.

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  1. Tippertruck72 says:

    Such a good news!!! Can’t wait to learn more about this upcoming model…

  2. Terence says:

    XP5 color please

  3. Abbiraamn Ravindhran says:

    The best news I have heard this past month

  4. Vitaliy D says:

    Looks like another model I’d like to buy when it’s available :) I just hope LCD Models will not attach the strut of the engine cover to a _plastic_ part of the engine cover as AutoArt did. I was shocked when the strut broke off from the engine cover – and learning that it was attached to a _plastic_ part just made me mad. I mean, how stupid one must to design this mechanism in such way that the moving metal strut is attached to a plastic ring that eventually becomes broken because it is _plastic_ instead of metal!

  5. Ole Andre says:

    It looks very promesing. If it will be as good as the Mclaren 600 LT, it will be in my collection for sure

  6. Kenney b says:

    Let’s hope that it a good model, I’ve been waiting for a good model of this iconic car, Autoart was ok but there was a lot of floors and the price is over the top on the cars that are for sale on eBay for what they are,

    • DS Team says:

      The AUTOart came out around 2010-2011. Very capable model. What do you mean by the below statement? Pricing today is reflective of the rarity of the piece. None are available, and if you want one on the secondary market you are going to pay mucho dinero to get one.

      “Autoart was ok but there was a lot of floors”

      • Kenney b says:

        your right im for getting it came out 2010, yes a very capable model,the one i had the paint work was very bad and the windows where very badly fitted ,they where the flaws

      • Benz says:

        typo: he meant flaws, not floors

  7. . says:

    Overall shape looks better than autoart
    I hope the gaps will be better this time as the huayra’s paint are always chipped off around the frunk and the engine hatch(only letdown in the huayra). Also I hope they make it in burgundy and papaya spark

  8. Patrick Timmermans says:

    As this is my alltime favourite and a ride in a real F1 (chassis 007 owned by Simon Kidston) this will certainly find its way into my collection! I might even get the red F1 GTR by Solido (which represents chassis 10R)

  9. Marcel171281 says:

    Good to see that LCD is following through and not a one-hit wonder by the looks of it. Also very, very courious what the price point will be. Have seen a lot of new manufacturers starting friendly priced in the beginning, but after they had enough clients started raising them drastically.

    But nice surprise anayway! I was expecting AA to re-release the F1 within the next few years. AA won’t like this I’m sure. I do like this competition already!

    • MYTHIC says:

      Good! I hope it sparks a fire under their asses to at least do better on their QC lately or start making their models with detail levels that warrant such high price tags like exoto or cmc!

      • DS Team says:

        To be fair, AUTOart isn’t priced as high as the arfomentioned brands. And neither CMC nor Exoto have released “perfect” examples, and both have had challenges with QC issues too.

      • Marcel171281 says:

        Well, in all honesty, I never received a AA model with QC issues. Their QC is one of their stronger points IMHO. The problem with AA lies in the cutting corners and cost cutting in the design phase. Things like lots of molded CF and rubber seatbelts, leaving engine detail out etc. And as DS TEAM said, Exoto and CMC are still a lot more money than AA. AA is not the only one getting more expensive. Here in Europe, a standard AA is around 250 euro’s now, the more expensive ones 350. A CMC model is just under 500!

        That is why I fear (but certainly not hope), that it will be a matter of time before LCD is going to raise prices as well.

    • DS Team says:

      Yes, it remains to be seen if the retail/price will remain the same. Let’s hope for the best!

  10. SamtheCat says:

    Very good news! Hopefully they will also make the GTR/LM/HDF or a Longtail.

    • Tomcatters says:

      LM would be great, as I sadly never got the AA or TSM when they were still reasonably priced. And as good as Solido might be for its price, it just doesn’t cut it for me.

  11. Mario says:

    I’m very disappointed that they copied the design of Autoart. There are many mistakes in this product of Autoart that have not been corrected, and the details and functions have not been added. What’s the point?

    • DS Team says:

      Can you elaborate in detail? TIA.

    • HOTWEELS164 says:

      For now, it looks indeed just like an Aa copy of the McLaren F1.
      I’m curious to see what they’ll end up with, mostly regarding the color schemes. Colors proposed by Aa back in the day were pretty boring (black, silver, platinum and white).

    • Patrick says:

      I’m also curious on the AA flaws. The AA F1 is easily the best example on the market, and in general simply a very good and detailed model. Of course the perfect model doesn’t exist, but this comes pretty close..

  12. Jamie says:

    I will definitely be buying one of these! I would buy the LCD huayra as well but I already have AA’s version…yay LCD!

  13. HENRY CHEN says:

    Yes, LCD. Please make the 1997 McLaren F1GTR Long Tail in street version. I believe no model maker has made the street version in 1:18 other than UT Models which was a long time ago.

  14. snackwel5 says:

    I was quite surprised to see this news, but I am all for it! With it being over 10 years now that the AUTOart version came out, having a solid alternative is a must. For a fully opening version, you only have one choice for 1:18, being the AUTOart. Prices, as many of you know, are approaching the $1000 USD range depending on the color.

    While many are tempted to want to compare the two, I really don’t think it’s going to be a fair competition. The AUTOart version is nearly perfect. One of the best models ever made; everything is there. Watching Doug Demuro’s review of Jay Leno’s F1 with all of the quirks and features, I was able to follow along with my 1:18 and it was really neat to do so.

    Ultimately I think this LCD is going to fill a void in the F1 collector space. Somewhere between the UT and AUTOart. Overall a nice alternative to a collector who wants a proper fully opening F1 but can’t afford to pay the secondary market of the ultimate version. This one will be an even bigger hit if they do some unique colors.

    TL;DR: Don’t compare to or expect AUTOart details, take it as it is. Will be a nice alternative, and hopefully brings some exciting colors like Mr. Bean, bright blue, bright yellow, British Racing Green, others

    • Marcel171281 says:

      I’m quite sure this will be at least as good as the AA, even tough, indeed, the AA is brilliant. LCD is no joke and 10 years of new design and fabrication techniques will do the rest.

  15. H.S says:

    Wow LCD are doing all the right things. Hope they make the GT LT And GTR. If they really want to make a statement they should make some Zonda’s since Almost Real is taking centuries to get theirs on the market.

  16. Thomas says:

    Hope that the quality of LCD can exceed Autoart, so that there is a reason to buy

  17. . says:

    What if LCD made an enzo after this glorious F1? I think they would seriously give BBR a run for their money. I also hope they would make a Porsche 918 also. Autoart’s quality and prices cannot justify the models that they make currently.

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