Kyosho Diecast BMW 2002 (UPDATE) •

Kyosho Diecast BMW 2002 (UPDATE)

** UPDATE ** Added a photo of the accessible motor area.  Not too shabby at all.

Kyosho via their Instagram media vehicle is hinting at the resurrection of another classic car.  This time around the focus is on the BMW 2002.  Based on the limited photos it looks like a selection of colours of the 1:18 diecast metal with full access in 2002Tii and Turbo variant.  Both are welcomed editions to see.  Not no official word on the release date, but based on these production images, summer 2021 is looking promising.

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5 Responses to "Kyosho Diecast BMW 2002 (UPDATE)"

  1. Marcel171281 says:

    Yet another reason one should be patient in this hobby. Second hand the prices for these BMW’s go up and up. Good to see Kyosho is going on with their re-releases, there is definitely market for them! Hopefully it will make Kyosho enough money to develop proper new releases.

    Just keeping fingers crossed for the Ferrari’s!

  2. ilka says:

    Been considering getting 2002 myself lately, and looking a lot at AutoArt’s and Kyosho’s ones. Is it me, or the initial-production Kyosho’s looked more accurate than this? I don’t remember seeing the doors sticking out from the body that much on the first production ones.

    • Marcel171281 says:

      I don’t think there will be any difference between the old and new release. I bought several Kyosho re-releases in the last couple of months (Miura S, SVR, Lancia Delta Integrale and 037) or years (Ferrari 250 GTO, Shelby Cobra) and all of them are identical to the originals in terms of accuracy, details and overall quality. Some just other liveries of colors, but that’s it. It would surprise me if it wasn’t the case with the BMW’s.

      • Ilka says:

        Just looked again at old Kyosho’s 2002ti. Yeah, same problem with mismatching doors, although they seem to stick out less than in these previews. Probably mold got worse.
        But well, at least doors could be remolded…

  3. Razorblade says:

    Great news indeed, I wanted a 2002 for a very long time, wasn’t able to buy an AA or Minichamps back in the day. Let’s hope AA goes on that route and remake some of their classic models, there is definitely market for a lot of these old beauties as Marcel said.

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