FIRST LOOK: LCD Models Toyota Century •

FIRST LOOK: LCD Models Toyota Century

Entering the ultra-luxury market the team at LCD Models is showing they can do more than just SUV and sportcars.  Here is an early interruption of their version of the 1:18 Toyota Century.  Along with full access, the model will feature diecast metal exterior panels, which is more tune with the original.  We’re not sure of the mass appeal of this specific piece for some, but we’re definitely aware out east there is a market for these models.  The only challenge, AUTOart has just released their version, and we all know how mightly their reach is on a globe scale.

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  1. JIMMY says:

    This is wonderful news because this model will be the second Toyota Century (with opening parts) slated for production (AutoArt was first). LCD quality isn’t on par with AutoArt, but the price point makes LCD a good value. They even stole my money from AutoArt when they made the Civic Type R while AutoArt also made theirs. If this one is decent like the LCD Type R, then they will have my money again and not AutoArt.

    I know this car is based in Japan, and it’s unlikely, but I wish they would make a LHD version to have that option. Doesn’t require a retooling of the body and other companies (KengFai) have done so.


    When is the release?

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