First Look: Replicarz Shadow DN4 Can Am Series •

First Look: Replicarz Shadow DN4 Can Am Series

Replicarz is giving fans an early look at their 1:18 Shadow DN4 Can Am Series car.  A first in 1:18 scale.  Two versions are scheduled for future release, we detailed each below alongside two other Cam Am future releases.  Though the models are crafted in high-quality resin it appears the motor will be accessible. Suggested retail $249.99US.  Visit Replicaz to pre-order yours today!

1974 Shadow DN4, Can Am Champion, Jackie Oliver
1974 Shadow DN4, Can Am, George Follmer
1978 Lola T333, Can Am Champion, Alan Jones
1970 March 707, Can Am, Chris Amon

Product# R18802 / R18803 / R18804 / R18805

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4 Responses to "First Look: Replicarz Shadow DN4 Can Am Series"

  1. spikyone says:

    Great stuff, this looks really good. The world needs more Can Am cars! Love the livery on those Shadow; pics of all the colour schemes are available at the Replicarz link.

  2. MLB says:

    Finally someone is paying attention to Can Am, and this one actually looks very good. (Not like their Scarab’s that are filled with mistakes.) Indy and Can Am are what Replicarz should stick with.

  3. Hope they make this Shadow with engine detail and in BLACK. Saw this car race at Road America>>some called it..” the widow maker “.

  4. To each his own,,but being around Can Am cars for 10 years while I was with SCCA, a Can Am model without engine detail is a waste. The designs, plumbing, wiring etc of these V-8 engines was an awesome site, Hope this model has all the opening details like the early Minichamp models of the Porsche 917 series.

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