FIRST LOOK: TopSpeed New BMW M4/M3 Competition (UPDATE) •

FIRST LOOK: TopSpeed New BMW M4/M3 Competition (UPDATE)

** UPDATE ** We extended the photo gallery with some new images, six in total.  Enjoy!

Looks like TopSpeed will be first to market with the 1:18 scale version of the new BMW M4 Competition (G82) and BMW M3 Competition (G80).  Both are based on the latest platform of each.  Not the most visually pleasing BMWs to date, that new nose direction is god awful.  Let’s hope the BMW purists still have the desire to purchase the car is scale.  No official word on the release date or what the future entails on the complete colour list.  Stay with for the latest!  Do note, both models are shown in pre-production painted sample.

Product# TS0347 / TS0342

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5 Responses to "FIRST LOOK: TopSpeed New BMW M4/M3 Competition (UPDATE)"

  1. Kyle says:

    Nice to see TopSpeed finally adding BMW to their list of products, but not a fan of the new M3/M4 front ends. Would like to see TopSpeed do the M2 instead.

  2. Marcelo Olivetti Solano says:

    Hi, I just purchased a BMW M4 2021, with the new front end. My car color is the yellow Sao Paulo, and the interior is the blue Alcantara bucket seats with the yellow accent. I would love to own a 1:18 model of my car. If it’s possible one day, then I inform you my license plate number (European license plate stile) Thanks

  3. Richie says:

    Hey there – bought the white g80 1/18 and noticed the number plate underside is 1/999 are they all like this or is mine special hah

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