GMP New Plymouth Road Runner w/ Road Runner Air Grabber •

GMP New Plymouth Road Runner w/ Road Runner Air Grabber

GMP is back this week with another new release, the 1:18 1970 Plymouth Road Runner with “The Loved Bird” Road Runner Air Grabber figure.  We’re not sure what the marketing angle is or the story behind the Road Runner Air Grabber but we know its cool!  The model is typical GMP, full 360 access and diecast metal exterior panels.  However, the figure is slightly off colour wise, ads from the period describe a Yellow peak, the replica looks to be Orange in colour.  Retail is suggested $189.95 US.  Street date October 2019. Beep beep!

Product# GMP-18924

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  1. Mike Conder says:

    Look up Mopar advertising for the 70 Road Runners! They, as a marketing gimmick, had an inflatable Road Runner head (just like this diecast) that stood several feet above the car. My father had old Mopar collector guides and Mopar Muscle magazines, that had the original advertising prints, with the ladies in, usually, floral knee length dresses, calf high boots and a head band, standing beside the car

  2. Artie Classic says:

    Cool collection of Mopars on Instagram: @pinkpistons_official

  3. Thomas E Johnson says:

    It’s too bad that they didn’t have the correct radio in this replica. It should have the thumb roller radio for the 1970. 71 to 74 had the stem Style with both knobs on the left side or driver side. But 69 and 70 had the thumb roller type. Other than that nice reproduction. Thanks for wetting my appetite.

    • Keith Erxleben says:

      Sorry, but that’s wrong. 68 and 69’s had the infamous thumbwheel radios. In 1970 Mopar went back to a shaft controlled radio. And like most other 1970 parts it’s a one year only radio. Basic AM models can bring several hundred dollars. While a AM/FM model can bring 6 or 700 dollars.

  4. tom.holthaus says:

    I will be interested we have burnt orange Road runner 4406bbl and white interior air grabber hood

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