GP Replicas New Announcements January 2022 •

GP Replicas New Announcements January 2022

The latest classic racing batch from GP Replicas includes four teams with an assortment of liveries.  Our favourite and definitely the coolest of the bunch is the three Matra MS80 race cars.  These examples are all 1:18 scale, please contact your local GP Replicas dealer for more information.

GP116A Brabham BT19 #3 Jack Brabham Germany GP Winner 1966
GP116B Brabham BT19 #12 Jack Brabham France GP Winner 1966
GP122A Brabham BT24 #1 Jack Brabham Second Place Mexico GP 1967
GP122B Brabham BT24 #2 Denny Hulme Third place Mexico GP 1967

GP119A Matra MS80 #3 Jackie Stewart British GP Winner 1969
GP119B Matra MS80 #2 Jackie Stewart French GP Winner 1969
GP119C Matra MS80 #7 Jean-Pierre Beltoise Second Place French GP 1969

GP82A Maserati 250F #32 Juan Manuel Fangio Monaco GP Winner 1957
GP82B Maserati 250F #2 Juan Manuel Fangio French GP Winner 1957
GP82C Maserati 250F #1 Juan Manuel Fangio German GP Winner 1957

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  1. spikyone says:

    That Matra is very cool. Great to see the 250F has an engine, bit blurry in those photos but seems to be nicely detailed – the engine and exhausts on the Brabham look good too. And I like that they’re not putting crappy plastic driver figures in the cars.

    Have you guys seen any of their stuff up close yet? Interested to know if they’re worth the money, they’re about £50 or so more than a Spark.

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