GreenLight Duesenberg II SJ - Silver •

GreenLight Duesenberg II SJ – Silver

Team GreenLight is officially unveiling another colour for their replica of the Duesenberg II SJ.  Silver is the new Black.  This budget piece does look appealing for the price.  The question remains to be answered, are their collector’s today interested in the Duesenberg brand?

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  1. Moondawn says:

    Absolutely! But since these were quality builds in real life you do need the same sort of quality in your models. Luckily, there are enough to be found in 1/43 these days. And although I haven’t seen this one in the flesh it looks pretty good. A review might help.

  2. Rudy Baeten says:

    Yes, for sure, in my opinion there are enough models of McLarens, Koengseggs,
    Lamborghini, Porsche, Ferrari and other Pagani’s.
    These cars are the history of the modern supercars, and a little forgotten in the 1/18 world of models.

  3. Jake says:

    I love Duesenbergs. Obviously safe to say I will never own one, but did have the very rare opportunity to ride in one.

    Models of such Marques should be very precise to correctness and this one has issues. Named Duesenberg II – which was an expensive recreation in the 70-80s. Also the SJ designation is the supercharged original and those had 4 pipes out the passenger side of the hood. This example has the correct curved vents that were on most J models. Tail lights had red inner glass or bulbs, but clear outer lenses.

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