GT Spirit Announces Porsche 911 Singer Blue •

GT Spirit Announces Porsche 911 Singer Blue

It seems GT Spirit has defined the licensing agreement with Singer once again, and 2017 will bring a new limited edition colour to the popular 911 Singer Porsche, featuring a Blue body with Orange wheels. Cult Scale Models better review their pricing delta as they announced the same, but GT Spirit win on two fronts – overall execution, and being about 50 Euro cheaper.

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6 Responses to "GT Spirit Announces Porsche 911 Singer Blue"

  1. BA says:

    If the shape and quality is the same as before, they will not be stealing my money again. I bought the grey one and it was a huge disappointment.
    They have not captured the look of this car very well I think, and QC was bad on the grey.

  2. Veneno says:

    I agree with BA here. The overall shape, especially the roofline and the rear quarter windows are incorrect in shape. My gray had some orange peel issues. That’s why I’m planning to get the Cult version.

  3. Moondawn says:

    I did some meticulous measuring and the there is precious little wrong with the shape. I think it’s just difficult to capture the looks of such a good looking car in a tiny model. The only thing that our model makers can’t seem to get right is the stance which is too low. Again. I wonder what makes it so difficult to get it right.

  4. BA says:

    Tail lights was not mounted correctly and the grill over the engine was loose on one side. I have it on display in my bertby cabinet, but I have to admit that my eyes is always falling on one of my Autoarts or Minichamps. I have not measured anything, but looking at pictures and videos, there is something that is not capturing it visually all that good. I am sure that it is difficult to create a model, and capture the visual aspect in a good way, but I think and feel that this model did not get enough time in development and QC. A shame actually, because this car is all about time, development and QC in real life ;-)

    • Atalante says:

      “A shame actually, because this car is all about time, development and QC in real life”

      Very true. Only a manufacturer like CMC would do justice to to this car as it is all about the feel and quality of the actual materials, the perfect assembly and the perfect details.

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