GT Spirit Audi Tuning RS6 - Mythos Black •

GT Spirit Audi Tuning RS6 – Mythos Black

One of GT Spirit’s fall deliveries will include the 1:18 Mansory tuned Audi Tuning RS6 in Mythos Black exterior with Yellow striping and accent bits.  The overall look is cool.  Pre-order your example today via our site sponsor list.  The link can be found on the top-right menu!

Product# GT326

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  1. SamtheCat says:

    Color aside, this has to be one of the best Mansory kits. But the reason why GT Spirit choose this car from a brand that’s famous for their carbon-everything mentality, and that has us used to weird carbon fiber paterns, is not because of this car being better looking than the average Mansory. No. Don’t get yourself fooled. The solely reason is because this is the Mansory kit with the least amount of carbon fiber, so GT Spirit for once can say “We didn’t omit the carbon decals, because we didn’t need to!” (still there should be a tad of carbon that they omited, aka the canards).

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