GT Spirit New 1:18 Porsche 964 RWB •

GT Spirit New 1:18 Porsche 964 RWB

Well, it’s official!  In less than a week, the rumored Porsche 964 RWB from GT Spirit moves from rumor to pre-production.  First photos show a really impressive replica.  Great platform (964, my favorite), great colour, and a great specimen!  All this will equate to a winner with collectors!  Though I think we need a little more “dish” on the rear wheels.  Definitely my favorite model for 2015!

gts_Porsche 964 RWB_prot gts_Porsche 964 RWB_prot2

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4 Responses to "GT Spirit New 1:18 Porsche 964 RWB"

  1. Patrick T. says:

    GT Spirit rocks!

  2. Royce C. says:

    Mine is on it’s way from France; I just got my tracking # today! The Koenig Competition Evo II is awesome from them as well, so I’m hoping the RWB will just as cool.

  3. Colin Lock says:

    I just received the green version. Glad I ordered when I did. I pad €83 VAT exempt.
    I see some retailers now offering this model for €299.95

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