GT Spirit, New Look, Cheaper Models! •

GT Spirit, New Look, Cheaper Models!

We just received a press release from GT Spirit and company.  Seems a new look and process to obtaining new releases is in the works for August 1, 2018.   This will allow for a more easy flow of new production models and speed to market.  It seems wait times have been reduced by half!  Also, European countries will benefit from reduced shipping rates via the “pick-up relay”, ship to a specified destination.

This is not even the best news, seems the team has found new efficiencies within the manufacturing process.  These efficiencies will translate into a new suggested retail, 99.90 Euro is the new starting point, which brings back the brand to its roots.  GT Spirit also promises no reduction in quality or materials.  As they explain, “we want to assure you that no material has been changed, the quality of our miniatures is in no way impacted”.  Well done guys!  Let’s hope some other brands find the same results!


Dear Collectors,

Please pay attention as we have many new things to tell you today.

It’s been a while now since we’ve been working on redesigning our GT Spirit brand to best suit your needs. We are about to reach a turn in the road that will lead us, hopefully, to a nicer, but also more exciting, straight line!

First of all, our visual identity has been remodelled and will be accompanied by the launch of our new website on August 1st, on the same domain name:

Through this site, you will notice changes concerning the reservation of your GT Spirit models. From now on we will publish our new models monthly. Therefore on August 1st, you will have the opportunity to reserve the five models of September to ensure reception of the model or models of your choice, and on September 1st those of October. This allows us to boost our offers, to announce news more regularly and you will not have to wait two months before receiving your model. The new pre-order models will be visible on our webshop and not on a separate page, which will facilitate your online purchases. This announces the end of the GT Spirit Club. Are you a European customer? We have good news for you! You will now have the possibility to have your order delivered by ‘pick-up relay’ to a specified collection point, benefiting from a cheaper delivery service.

As good news never comes alone, we have also re-evaluated our manufacturing process and ultimately changed our production line to reduce our prices. In achieving this, our GT Spirit models will be displayed again at 99.90 € *! Attention, we want to assure you that no material has been changed, the quality of our miniatures is in no way impacted. We have only succeeded in standardizing our manufacturing process. Admittedly, a win-win compromise is pretty cool.

Like the drivers on the starting grid, we are looking forward to August 1st to introduce you to our new site, and do not worry, the September models will be featured in the webshop! Do you want to know more about our upcoming models? Clues have been hidden in this newsletter!

Oh yes, we almost forgot, in a few days time we will send you another email giving you additional information on your GT Spirit account. Not to be missed!

See you soon.

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6 Responses to "GT Spirit, New Look, Cheaper Models!"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Collectors must have voted with their wallets and they realized their 129.90 stuff weren’t crawling off their shelves.

    • DS Team says:

      That did cross our minds as well. Let’s hope they continue to take market share.

    • Tomcatters says:

      That same thought crossed my mind, but it was actually the opposite… they sold a Lot of models, making the reduction in price even more surprising. Of course one can’t know for sure, since GTS might just try to appear as the good guys, but… I am just happy the prices will go down.

  2. John says:

    I hope along with streamlining the assembly and all the benefits that brings, they improve QC, as that has been slipping lately.

    • DS Team says:

      I think they nipped this one in the bud too. Based on the recent items we received the QC has been on point from all pieces. Definitely a good sign!

  3. Wildman Bradley says:

    GT spirit is certainly making moves to change the industry..Whether it’s good or bad, they are doing it.. Every GT spirit piece Iv received in last 2 months has been spot on. Perfect..keep it up GTS. I’m still waiting for my Ford GT LaManns Heritage Editon BTW

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