GT Spirit | OttOmobile December Wave Continues... •

GT Spirit | OttOmobile December Wave Continues…

More December announcements for GT Spirit and OttOmobile to share today.  The first from GTS is nothing we haven’t seen in scale before.  The latest trend of tuner cars is getting somewhat boring.  With the likes of AutoBarn slapping the LB label on almost anything a wide-body kit can fit on. Where does it stop?  Here, the latest from GT Spirit is 1:18 LB Lamborghini Aventador – 2015.  Can we please move on from these tuner cars and focus on something new and not found in scale?  Like a Lamborghini Jalpa for example?

OttOmobile is back with another SUV from the Mercedes-Benz, the 1:18 Class G Cabriolet in White and Black.  Anyone going to buy this one?  The 1:1 seems to focus on the female customer.  Rich little trailer trash.  As we said both will be on shelves this coming December!

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5 Responses to "GT Spirit | OttOmobile December Wave Continues…"

  1. Yshane says:

    Someone’s hating on that G! Lol

  2. Martin says:

    It should have been silver in this standard trim….

    And it’s insane that the Lambo is a “kyosho version”. Sounds like an excuse to ask more money for it, as it’s indeed really likable!!!

  3. Patrick T. says:

    I am tired of LB and RWB models!

  4. Wayne A. says:

    I love the LB, Rocket Bunny and RWB models. Keep ’em coming.

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