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Have you heard of Atlantic Case?

Scale model collecting isn’t all about obtaining your favourite models in scale.  There is also the protection and display aspect that one should always consider too.  DiecastSociety.com was recently exposed to the brand Atlantic Case, the team provides an extensive solution to scale model showcases and related accessories for your precious and prized collections.

The assortment of goodies includes single and multi-car display cabinets from 1:43 – 1:12 scale models.  One cool accessory is support ramps, these are used to position the model in various angles – can be used in and out of display case.  Interested, visit our site sponsor FiveDiecast.com for the complete assortment.

Atlantic Case was cool enough to forward a sample of their 1:12 footprint showcase.  Our example came with the Red leather base.  There are additional colours you can choose from, again you the active link provided.  Retail $124.95 US (1:12). Dimensions are 510 x 240 x 190 mm, while 1:18 come in at 325 x 165 x 125 mm.

First off, the packaging for the 1:12 display is outstanding, it is thoughtfully executed and chances of breakage during shipping should be little to none!  Atlantic is also on the ball, they provide a pair of plastic gloves to ensure you don’t add any fingerprints to the acrylic cover.  Great idea!

As for the quality and value, the case is top-notch and comparable to a similar BBR display we currently have on file.  As you can see, my personal assortment does not include any 1:12 scale examples.  The footprint here easily allows the display of two 1:18 pieces side by side.

The leather quality is quite good as is the accompanying White stitching.  Acrylic cover fitment easily creates a nice tight fit with the base, so no need to worry about any dust particles getting to the valuables inside.  Underneath the base, the Atlantic logo is found and the Black, felt-like material is smooth and provides a secure contact to any surface.  Do note, depending on size there are alternative base styles.

Overall, our initial impressions are very positive.   Excellent quality, great packaging and fitment are stellar!  This display sample now sits proudly at the edge of my desk, where I can conveniently see and apricate some of my collection – not to mention, I can cycle the models on display with ease.  Visit FiveDiecast.com now to see the complete assortment of Atlantic products.  Oh, LOL, models are not included.  Enjoy the pics!

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  1. Tippertruck72 says:

    Thank you DS Team for such short but nice review. It’s welcome to have some words and comments on such useful accessory.

  2. m3gt2 says:

    yes i do. placed my 1:12 kyosho countach 5000 and it looks amazing. such quality justified the cost for me

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