How to become an Exoto shareholder •

How to become an Exoto shareholder

For those of you who are somewhat dissatisfied with the quality of diecast models these days and with manufacturers cutting corners, there now is something you can actively contribute. You can become a shareholder in Exoto and invest 495,000 $  for them to make variants of the 1965 Ferrari 250 LM to be hand-assembled from over 2,600 precision-machined parts each. They promise a “up to” 50% return on your investment. All you have to do is make a deposit of 5,000$ via eBay.

Now, even if you don´t have half a million bucks, it tells quite a story of how much profit there is in model manufacturing (after we recently discussed the cause for rising prices). According to this offer, it´s not labour costs. The pictures of the model are definitely promising and the 5000$ could just as well become the price tag for one model, given this equity offer. On the other hand, (especially for those who have got that sort of cash) it´s eBay, and – mind the wording – they say “up to” 50% (which could turn out to be … nothing) and you know what they say: “If it´s to good to be true, …”

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  1. DS Team says:

    Jeez-Louise how the mighty have fallen. We do agree the model is possibly the best ever in scale… On a side note, I believe they are also violenting eBay seller policy too!

  2. MLB says:

    Typical Exoto nonsense. They (Tony) have had this listing on eBay for at least one year now. I have not heard of anyone getting involved with this scheme. Obviously, and not at all surprising, Exoto are having financial difficulties. So now they look to use other peoples money with NO real guarantee of anything.

    I’ve also seen some other photos of the prototype models, and there is a serious problem with the overall shaping of the front of the car, which appears to be why there are no front side views and no front 3/4 views shown.

  3. RAJ says:

    Anyone who knows Tony would not lend him lunch money.. give him $5 and you would never see it again!! One of the all-time con men in the model world!!

  4. Reinhard says:

    I red all the nightmare stories about ordering Exotos from their website and never get anything and I had big worries too, but, luckily, never had a single issue. Pricing is a bit funny but it’s also not easy to make a website interesting if new products take rather years than month to develop. In the light of current ebay prices I even had some bargain deals in the past. At least Mr. Tony K. is not going the horrible plastic route like AA. Nobody knows what is happening in the future but I’m quite sure a decent XS model will hold it’s value for years to come. True master pieces. Hope they continue.

  5. Chuk says:

    Would not trust that guy, not even with 495 pesos.

  6. Paolo says:

    I miss exoto’s products very much. If exoto continues to produce new products, CMC will not be so expensive now.

    Exoto has made a great contribution to the development of car models, which is undeniable.

    • DS Team says:

      Very true, but CMC is still producing models, and Exoto isn’t.

    • Pi Liu says:

      I agree with you very much. If CMC is not the only one, and CMC does not have the courage to sell the price so high, I hope exoto can continue to compete with CMC.

      I think exoto’s design is more reasonable and the details are more perfect than CMC’s. If exoto continues to launch new products, I will continue to buy.

      • Karsten says:

        ” CMC does not have the courage to sell the price so high”

        In fact, I would not exactly call CMC models cheap (as our news on CMC will reveal). And 50% returns on an investment is exceptionally high. If investors´ thirst for profits is what causes the increase in prices, I shall like to disagree: I would not want to call a manufacturer´s moderate price policy a “lack of courage” but “fairness” and “decency”.

      • Mario says:

        You don’t need to communicate with them. They think they are right, but they don’t know anything.

    • Rafael says:

      Search “Exoto scam” at your browser and you will find and surprised with some of the documented cases of buyers scammed by Exoto through its CEO Tony K. No dealer or diecast store wants to work with that company because they know it is the worst. There is currently no store on the face of the Earth that sells or distributes their products, which are really very good, but whose way of proceeding is typical of criminals.

    • Rafael says:

      What a estupid to think that CMC is expensive because Exoto do not produce anymore. Que imbecil eres!

  7. Atalante says:

    Even if I was interested to invest half a million in model manufacturing (I’m not) with a rock solid contract (good luck with Tony K.) how many years would it take to develop and sell this model an get full pay-back? All that risk for a meager ‘’up to 50% return’’? Thanks but no thanks!

  8. Qiang Song says:

    I will support exoto and I’m looking forward to its new products!

  9. Rafael says:

    I would not loan or invest 1 dollar in that scam company. No diecast wholesale company works with Exoto because they know they are a mob with Tony K at the top.

  10. Rafael says:

    I don´t miss nothing from Exoto. I hope they go bankrupt because is that those criminals deserve.

    • Paolo says:

      You want people to go bankrupt, and I want you to go bankrupt, too.

      • Rafael says:

        Paolo I do not want people to go bankrupt moron, this guy is not people. I know him very well and he is a miserable crook and snake. He stolen me USD 450. Ok? When you do not know, is better keep quiet. Ok.

      • Rafael says:

        I deserve you bought several Exoto´s diecast at Good luck very stupid Paolo.

  11. Migliori says:

    I’m looking forward to exoto’s new products. I can’t wait to buy them. I don’t want him to go bankrupt.

  12. Fede Roloff says:

    If there is no Exoto, there will be no 1/18 model car, no CMC and other brands. We have to evaluate a person from many aspects. Tony has made a great contribution to the industry.

  13. Charlie says:


    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Who in their right mind would go into business with Tony K? There are no words to express the absolute glee I feel watching exoto circle the drain.

  14. Marco says:

    I don’t care about Exoto at all. 99% of their models are ugly racing cars. It bothers me how enthusiastic some fools get when talking or writing about them. No taste. No class.

  15. Jony says:

    Ok Marco. Your just jealous. Now go back into your hole

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