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Ignition Model Toyota Crown (GRS214) Kanagawa Police

Those that like service vehicles and ones of the Japanese variety will have the opportunity with the latest from Ignition Model.  This is their new 1:18 Toyota Crown (GRS214) Kanagawa Police Force #438.  Look for this example later this year.

Product# IG2191 

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  1. DB says:

    Nice, but buyer beware. I have the Ignition Model GTR police car released in August of 2020. All clear decal film has already begun yellowing on it. And that was in less than 8 months on an item that was stored in the box in a closet since new. And there is a LOT of clear decal film on the white areas of the GTR police car. Rather than having the film trim close to the Japanese characters on the sides and rear, there are VAST expanses of clear film between the characters.

    I contacted Ignition Model and the reply was just a reference to their purchase policy. Because I purchased the model from a retail shop, and not directly from Ignition Model, they do not provide any support.

    Ignition Model has been producing a lot of police vehicles lately. I’m curious to know if other purchasers have experienced the same decal film yellowing that I have on any of the Ignition Model police vehicles.

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