Introducing LCD Model •

Introducing LCD Model

LCD Model is a China-based company that has been developing products for various brands, some items include 1:12, 1:32, 1:43 and the list go on. Basic principles as they call it are “Reputation first, customer first and customer satisfaction is our intent”.  Recently LCD Model has been focusing their attention on building their own line of scale models.  Their assortment includes 1:26, 1:72, and 1:18 scale.  You can read more on LCD Model by going to their website.

The team recently launched their 1:18 scale line, which are a mix of diecast metal with opening parts.  New is the Pagani Huayra Roadster and Land Rover Range Rover.  Based on the initial images the models represent a quality mix of Norev and Welly/GTAutos.  This is a good thing, as retail typically runs at $80US a piece.  Looking forward to what’s next from LCD Model.

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  1. flathead says:

    Looks promising. Awaiting your review (in 1/18, of course).

  2. Riaz says:

    One of the nicest diecast model i have laid my hands on recently. And to think of paying $80 for a model that has a working fuel cap, you have to give it to them. The build quality is similar to those Paudi / China made hi end dealer replica type models. The details are very, very nice. I believe a similar model was released by GT Autos earlier and somewhere i read the models are very similar with some changes in the logo lettering and exhaust tip. In another forum i read someone mentioning this is the exact same sample showcased by Ebbro, but surprisingly coming out from a different brand ‘LCD’ now. In this complex corporate world who owns which sub brand, difficult to say. However, feeling happy that i have bagged it. And again, makes me wonder how can a company make a diecast model of this level and keep price lower than that of GT Spirit or Otto! AUTOart, take a hint.

  3. Karsten says:

    There are/will be better models of the Pagani, but the Range Rover is a welcome addition of course. Some of the scales seem somewhat strange, though.

  4. Kunal says:

    Can anyone help me with this LCD model website

  5. Diecast True says:

    LCD is a traditional fty for some brands to produce items, They copy cat for their current Customer and launch the brand for lower prices?
    Thats not respect and like a thief. I will not buy this brand. Never!!

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