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KK Scale Ferrari Chapter Continues…

A new chapter in the KK Scale Ferrari assortment has just been unveiled, welcome the 1:18 scale, diecast metal, Ferrari 512BBi 1981.  Two colours will be initially released, they include Red and Silver.  Based on our 2020 MOTY poll KK Scale seems to resonate well.  Is it the Ferrari badge, price or both?

Product# KKDC180541 / KKDC180542

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3 Responses to "KK Scale Ferrari Chapter Continues…"

  1. WA7 says:

    Well done KK Scale, happy to see that they are producing good quality Ferrari models albeit sealed. Meanwhile Bburago, even with their exclusive official Ferrari licence are excelling at producing…nothing!

  2. Giorgio262 says:

    The shape seems a bit off to me. I dare say that the old model made by Chrono captured the lines of the real car better than this effort by KK. That said, sealed models in 1:18 are just not my thing.

  3. FLFDM says:

    I don’t understand why they don’t produce new models never done before in diecast. For the 512 BBi we have the kyosho version, diecast and full 360 access. Same with the 328 GTB, Testarossa… It’s a bit dissapointing how many ferrari cars never done before and all companies doing the same models.

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