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KK Scale New BMW 740i (E38) 1 Series 1994

Something new from KK Scale is just around the corner.  The team has unveiled new photos of their upcoming 1:18, diecast metal BMW 740i (E38) 1 Series.  Three colours are on tap, they include Metallic Grey, Metalic Blue and Metallic Black.  Production is limited to 1250 pieces of less.

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5 Responses to "KK Scale New BMW 740i (E38) 1 Series 1994"

  1. ALEX says:

    Terribly proportioned garbage. I can name 10 things in 10 seconds that are wrong on this “model”.

      • ALEX says:

        Oh, where do I start….

        1. Kidney grilles completely wrong shape – not tall enough and wrong shape. Should be slightly higher than upper line of the headlights and not flat, but rounded. The shape of the kidneys themselves is very “square”, they are not such on real car. The slats are wrong, too.
        2. Shape of the side markers up front is wrong.
        3. Front fender crease line from wheels arch to the headlight is not complete and in wrong place.
        4. Molding on front bumper too thick
        5. Side mirrors are wrong shape and sticking up like ears on a teddy bear.
        6. Door handles are wrong shape and not flush with the body.
        7. Windshield wipers – E38 7 series was the car with wipers that would hide under the hood line – they are very prominent on the model.
        8. Hoffmeister kink is COMPLETELY wrong – this is even worse than kidney grilles – how can you mess up this?
        9. B-pillar too thick and wrong shape
        10. Roof too flat in the center section
        11. Shape of the rear fender where it meets with the taillight has a flat lip, which is not on the real car. The taillight shape is wrong.
        12. Rear bumper molding is way too thick.
        13. Crease line on the rear fender is wrong – it looks like a goddam Audi 100.

        I could go on. This is a disaster. And I have not even seen interior yet. People who made this can’t call themselves model makers – this is a hack job.

  2. HENRY CHEN says:

    A few years ago, Ottomobile produced a 1:18 BMW E38 7 series also, and I got the blue one. I’m not an expert in these cars, but the Ottomobile version seems to be more accurate than this KK-scale. It was a sealed resin model, and KK-scale’s is also sealed albeit made of die-cast metal. The Ottomobile is now rare as far as availability is concerned, and if you can find a new one for sale, it would carry a higher price. So glad I bought mine when there was still plenty.

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