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KK-Scale New Classic Ferraris

You probably seen various images surface around the internet over the last few days, new Ferrari models from the KK-Scale team are available and nearing release soon!  Currently the 1:18 Ferrari 365 California Spyder is available in Blue and Red.  Each piece is a limited edition, and made of diecast metal.

Due this December is the new 1:18 Ferrari 400 Superamerica.  Two colours will be issued as well, Red and Dark Blue.  Again crafted in diecast metal and featuring sealed-body design.  The attractive piece, each model is less than 70 Euro, yes 70 Euro.  Now that’s kicking the establishment where the sun don’t shine!  If KK-Scale can fine tune the smaller details (i.e. wheels) they would be a serious contender in the scale model playground.  Praise also goes to the team for the unique and rare specimens, something usually reserved for higher priced brands such as BBR and MR Collection.

About the Ferrari 365…  “This is not just a vehicle, but rather the designation of a whole series of Ferrari sports cars. The designation Ferrari 365 stands for twelve-cylinder Ferrari sports cars with 4.4 liters displacement. The number 365 corresponds approximately to the displacement of a cylinder. From 1966 to 1984, the Italian sports car company produced a total of twelve different twelve-cylinder models. The first model, the Ferrari 365 California Cabriolet, was produced only 14 times between 1966 and 1967.

At the Geneva Autosalon in the spring of 1966, a prototype of the 365 California Cabriolet was presented as the first 365 variant. The convertible was based on the chassis of the Ferrari 500 (tipo 598, 2650 mm wheelbase), the body was drawn by Pininfarina. The engines of all 365 Ferraris are based on the so-called Colombo-V12, named after its designer Gioacchino Colombo. This engine, which already had the 250s, can be found practically unchanged in the 365 Ferrari, up to the enlargement of the cylinders. The 4.4-liter SOHC-V12 (Type 217B, bore × stroke = 81 × 71 mm, displacement 4390 cm³) with 3 Weber carburettors yielded 235 kW (320 hp) at 6600 rpm.”

kk_ferrari-365-california-spyder-9 kk_ferrari-365-california-spyder-10 kk_ferrari-365-california-spyder-13

kk_ferrari-365-california-spyder-16 kk_ferrari-365-california-spyder-11 kk_ferrari-365-california-spyder-12

kk_ferrari-365-california-spyder-7 kk_ferrari-365-california-spyder-8 kk_ferrari-365-california-spyder-14

kk_ferrari-365-california-spyder-15 kk_ferrari-365-california-spyder-3 kk_ferrari-365-california-spyder-4

kk_ferrari-365-california-spyder-2 kk_ferrari-365-california-spyder-1 kk_ferrari-365-california-spyder-6

kk_ferrari-365-california-spyder-5 kk_ferrari-400-superamerica-1 kk_ferrari-400-superamerica-15

kk_ferrari-400-superamerica-3 kk_ferrari-400-superamerica-14 kk_ferrari-400-superamerica-2

kk_ferrari-400-superamerica-16 kk_ferrari-400-superamerica-4 kk_ferrari-400-superamerica-5

kk_ferrari-400-superamerica-8 kk_ferrari-400-superamerica-9 kk_ferrari-400-superamerica-12

kk_ferrari-400-superamerica-13 kk_ferrari-400-superamerica-10 kk_ferrari-400-superamerica-11

kk_ferrari-400-superamerica-6 kk_ferrari-400-superamerica-7

Product# KKDC180051 / KKDC180052

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3 Responses to "KK-Scale New Classic Ferraris"

  1. flathead says:

    The 400 Superamerica was a grail piece for me, so I bought the BBR version in dk blue/lt tan when it was released last year. For those for whom the SA is not in the “must buy” category, the KK version is definitely worth considering.

  2. JS Coleman says:

    I saw the word ‘diecast’ and I leapt into the post…but alas. Sealed diecast.

  3. John Tacon says:

    I treated myself to a 365 California and a 400 Superamerica very soon after they were released. The red versions both look gorgeous and have a reasonable level of detail. I’m not a purist or one to get hung up on minor inaccuracies so I am very pleased to own them.

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