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KK Scale Official Ferrari Testarossa MKI 1984

We have official photos of the new 1:18, diecast, sealed, Ferarri  Testarossa MKI 1984 Monodado Monospecchio to share.  Two versions are available Red and White, each is limited to only 1250 and 750 respectively.  White is also defined as a USA spec car.  There are more Ferraris on tap, we will see the Ferrari 328 soon!

Product# KKDC180501 / KKDC180502

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5 Responses to "KK Scale Official Ferrari Testarossa MKI 1984"

  1. Craigj3534 says:

    2,000 models, in total, seems like a very small run for a diecast model; perhaps financially feasible as the model has no openings? It appears that KK Scale has found a good niche – popular Ferraris done with better detailing than Bburago or Maisto with the offset of no openings (which a certain, large portion of the market don’t care about) in order to meet a moderate price point to address that same, wider market base. No need to target those hard core collectors who want full openings with detailed engines, etc. Overall, it seems good for the industry – attracts more into the hobby

    • DS Team says:

      Well said, we could not agree more.

    • Evert Delanoye says:

      Spot on
      The only thing I regret is that there’s something wrong with the wheels of the KK-scale models. I have the Ferrari 288 GTO which is a great model give the price, but the positioning, size and appearance of the wheels makes it look like a toy. This Testarossa seems to have the same issue.

  2. Hector Gonzalez says:

    Could not agree more with you Craig. Glad that a manufacturer is producing good quality Ferrari models albeit sealed.

  3. Karsten says:

    The white one is not just ANY US spec, but obviously created to be the Miami Vice signature car. Mark the registration!

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