PHOTO GALLERY: Kyosho De Tomaso Pantera GT5 •

PHOTO GALLERY: Kyosho De Tomaso Pantera GT5

Recently released, and long-awaited 1:18 scale Kyosho De Tomaso Pantera GT5 is here.  Our favourite of the series of Pantera’s issued by Kyosho over the years with their first, we believe coming 2012-2013, the Pantera L.  The De Tomaso Pantera GT5 is outrageous and over the top, a perfect marriage of beauty and performance.

We don’t believe a full-blown review is necessary with the GT5, as we reviewed the lovely GT4 in Blue/Black from Kyosho back in October 2019, the overall results a very similar.  Read our review HERE.  On a side note, Kyosho also released a new colour for the GT4 at about the same time as the GT5.  The latest is found in Black/Red, we’ll definitely share photos with another gallery entry soon.

As for the model, the GT5 features full access with a decent amount of exterior and interior detailing, an additional feature is the pop-up headlights.   The exterior paint theme is completed in all White, which flows to the wheels too.  The only hint of Black is found in the side decal and various trim bits.  The considerably wider girth of the GT5 is aided by the accompanying body kit and massive rear spoiler.  The body kit does show some gaping to the principal body panels, nothing overly severe, and definitely does not diminish the model on a whole.

The rear motor compart is accessible and provides a little bonus too, the removable engine cover that we haven’t seen since their Pantera L release.  Motor detail is average, though the supporting cast of the supplementary panel flocking and engine cooling apparatus help.

In short, we like the model overall, the shelf presence is mightly and unmistakably a clear winner of big brother in the trio to date.  Quality control on this example has improved, but Kyosho can definitely keep upping their game.  We like the classic diecast metal feel and look, let’s hope there are more interesting subjects from Kyosho still to come.  Enjoy the pics!



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9 Responses to "PHOTO GALLERY: Kyosho De Tomaso Pantera GT5"

  1. Karsten says:

    I´m not a fan of the car, but the photos speak volumes about Kyosho´s glorious past. If only they could do this again (without the paint rash and diecast cancer issues) …

  2. The AssMan says:

    Just bought this, glad to see the review. I just hope we can get back to the hey day of great diecast.

  3. Jay says:

    Very nice looking model. I really like the crazy 80’s look of this car but cannot get over the sight that awaits anyone that opens the engine cover, real car and model alike!

    But that’s just me. I hope that Kyosho return to fully opening diecast models. The recent Miura models point in the right direction IMHO. Hopefully we’ll see more classic Lambo’s on the way courtesy of Kyosho.

  4. George K says:

    Rather toyish looking engine. Too bad.

  5. Francis de Jesus says:

    Not a fan of supercars but will be waiting for other Kyosho diecast release, at least diecast is still ALIVE-

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