Kyosho Detomaso Pantera Makes a Return! •

Kyosho Detomaso Pantera Makes a Return!

Jeez Lousie, a rare diecast metal with full opening bits model is coming from Kyosho.  The team is dusting off their decent mould of the classic Detomaso Pantera in 1:18 scale.  Two models will be up for grabs in the early new year.  The first is the race Detomaso Pantera 1975 LM #43 (Red/Black) and the second street version Detomaso Pantera GT4 (Blue/Black).  Both are due in March 2019.  Suggested retail $169/$154 respectively.  Note images show the models in pre-production form.

Product# 08855A / 08853BL

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4 Responses to "Kyosho Detomaso Pantera Makes a Return!"

  1. ilka says:

    yay! I wonder can they extend their mould to replicate the gr. 4 car.
    Probably the demand for it will be quite small though, but imo that’s one of the best looking racers from 70s.

  2. Aaron says:

    I just wish those Panteras came with the spoiler. Then I’d be quick to order one

  3. Luis Cantu says:

    Ugly door windows! They use to do better models

  4. Sam says:

    Needs gold wheels on the blue color for sure

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