Kyosho New Diecast Lamborghini Countach Walter Wolf & LP500S! •

Kyosho New Diecast Lamborghini Countach Walter Wolf & LP500S!

A couple of classics from Kyosho’s heydays are coming back!  We once again welcome the 1:18 scale, diecast metal with full 360 access Lamborghini Countach Walter Wolf Edition and Lamborghini Countach LP500S!  Both examples, as shown in pre-production painted samples will be completed in Red.  We’re sure more colours are around the corner!  Details look very good and the tan interior on the Walter Wolf Edition is uber cool.  Look for both models to arrive in November 2021.  Suggested retail $199 US.

Product# 08320A / 08320B

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7 Responses to "Kyosho New Diecast Lamborghini Countach Walter Wolf & LP500S!"

  1. ilka says:

    the paint quality is really poor on this example.

    • Marcel171281 says:

      That is why it is called a pre-production sample.

      I added a lot of re-releases from Kyosho the las couple of years and the paint on all of them is very good. So don’t judge before the production models arrive.

      • ilka says:

        I’ve got reissued Pantera recently, and the paint quality is not much better, to be honest.

        I really want to love this model, and wanted to get it, but also can’t unsee other flaws, like tired mold that makes whole front area randomly bent.

        • DS Team says:

          Like Marcel mentioned this is a pre-production sample. I personally own many of the Panteras, the models aren’t perfect but paint definitely wasn’t a topic of concern.

          • ilka says:

            Well, it still looks questionable to me, will wait for production sample overview. I’d probably still buy it for the inside detail tho, it looks very lively there (something that AutoArt has always been lacking), but outside it looks just inaccurate – and by that i don’t mean the inaccurate shape, like AA’s Carrera RS or Kyosho’s cobra, but inaccurate details like slightly bent molds, weird panel gaps etc. From my experience with Kyosho it has been their thing (as well as paint quality inaccuracy), some models are amazing, some are really sub-par. Something that’s AA with it’s “lack of passion” never allows themselves (altho they can allow themselves inaccurate overall proportions, go figure…)

  2. Nordschleife says:

    The Wolf-Version looks quite promising to me. I like the ‚rally racing‘ decals. They remind me of that german magazine. As a young boy in the 80s I enjoyed to scroll through it.

  3. Porsche993 says:

    Wow! Times really have changed. I remember getting mine for around US$40. I suppose it’s a good release for those who missed out and those whose models have started suffering from paint rash and zinc pest.

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