Kyosho New Ferrari Dino 246GT •

Kyosho New Ferrari Dino 246GT

Kyosho officially reveals photos of the production version of the upcoming 1:18, resin, closed-body Ferrari Dino 246GT.  Based on the images the execution is top notch, no detail left untouched.  Two colours are coming to market later this year, they include Red and Yellow.  And based on Kyosho’s press release both are already sold through their production inventory.

Our conversation with Kyosho this week invited us to ask why these models are not completed in diecast with opening bits  Long story short the production dollars to produce these detailed models are huge, and based on the niche product the investment isn’t the smartest choice.  Resin on the other hand is a fraction of the cost.  So we can yell and holler all we want, unless there is a need for large production, resin is here to stay.

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Product# PHR1804R / PHR1804Y

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4 Responses to "Kyosho New Ferrari Dino 246GT"

  1. flathead says:

    If done well, with cut louvers, detailed engine bay and interior, and chrome (not foil) moldings and badges, this car in diecast would seem an ideal candidate for decent sales numbers, in racing and street form, with and without headlight covers. in other words, pick up where HWE left off with their very nice rendition.

    • Martin says:

      Indeed the HWE model is already really good, I don’t see a reason to buy this far more expensive model which can’t be opened.

  2. Robert says:

    Maybe if CMC decided to make one of these…

  3. Robert says:

    To answer Kyosho about making sealed resin rather than detailed opening diecast or resin “composite” models, I say it will cost you even more if the sealed cars stay on the shelves… I might like the subject but I will not buy a sealed resin model. For something as iconic as this Ferrari, either make a detailed opening model, be it metal or composite material or I’ll wait for CMC to produce a proper collectible.

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