Kyosho New Ferrari F40 High-End Resin? •

Kyosho New Ferrari F40 High-End Resin?

One of our members brought to our attention a new Ferrari from the famed Kyosho brand.  It seems noted model photographer “impressive:cars” is under contract with Kyosho to photograph the new piece, and may have leaked these image premature (note these are pre-production sample images).  Don’t get too exited. Yes, it’s a Ferrari, and yes, it’s a Ferrari F40!  The sad news is it will be developed in resin and sealed.  Boo!!!  Though Kyosho promises this to be the most accurate model to date with more examples to follow.  I don’t care!!!  A car of this iconic status deserves more!  There are many Ferrari fans in and outside this great hobby that would love a highly detailed version with opening bits completed in DIECAST!

What are the brass thinking at Kyosho.  Why a high-end resin model when you already established the “OUSIA” diecast line.  Wasn’t the OUSIA brand suppose to be the “high-end” sealed diecast?  I’m confused, are you?  This is a foolish decision on Kyosho’s part, once the most revered manufacturer of scaled diecast Ferrari replicas, it is now pale in comparison.

kyosho_resinf40 kyosho_resinf40b kyosho_resinf40c

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16 Responses to "Kyosho New Ferrari F40 High-End Resin?"

  1. salociN says:

    I care A LOT !

    No F40 @1/18 (or more) is really accurate (even if the Kyosho is better than than any Hot Wheels, the wrong shape is a real deception), and sadly I don’t have enough place (and for sure money !) to get an Amalgam or a Pocher :-(

  2. Patrick T. says:

    Well it looks allready amazing and would fit nice next to my yellow diecast Kyosho F40

  3. huckebein says:

    God bless kyosho

  4. JS Coleman says:

    I echo your sentiment, DS! Resin models is just laziness under the guise of exclusivity, and while resin is excusable in 1:43 scale and possibly so in 1:24 scale, it’s poor in 1:18 scale and utterly ridiculous in 1:12 scale. It annoys me intensely that diecast manufacturers are going down this path!

    Kyosho, a good opportunity wasted.

  5. Ben says:

    I am 100% not going to buy an F40 in sealed resin. and the funny thing is that kyosho tagged the word “high-end” to it and charges a premium price. I bought their samurai series vellfire and century, because no one else makes them. but thankfully, I have both 1/18 hotwheels elite f40 and 1/12 kyosho f40!

  6. Slartibartfast says:

    No one is under any obligation to buy one of these models – or any others for that matter. Vote with your wallet. Kyosho obviously think that there are other collectors who are happy to have a non functioning resin-cast sitting on a shelf behind glass. One last point – the Mona Lisa and other great works of art have no opening or working parts……

    • DS Team says:

      Yes, definitely vote with your wallet… I have nothing against the odd resin piece, but not for a Ferrari F40, NO. Kyosho is more than capable of making a true diecast version, why the move to resin is just foolish. Don’t be surprised when the retail is $300 plus.

      PS LOL, please don’t compare car models to painting, two different mediums entirely…

      • salociN says:

        The fact is that no F40 model at 1/18 looks like the real one, so everyone is free to be satisfied with less or more detailed but definitely wrong and so much expensive toys.

        So the question is : why Kyosho isn’t (or wasn’t) able to produce a realistic and accurate diecast version of this legendary model that obviously deserves the best that nobody done yet ?

        • DS Team says:

          I cannot comment on why, could be limitations of tooling at the time, improper visual aids/CAD, or Kyosho be lazy…

          Note I’ve heard rumors the “high-end” will compete with the likes of BBR and MR Collection,. Are you happy with 400 Euro sealed model?

          • salociN says:

            Of course like everyone, I’d rather prefer a complete “high-end” model, but it seems quite clear to me that a wrong non-sealed model doesn’t worth anything, furthermore they got now a really great CAD model. Possibly they could use it for a future diecast release ? Only Kyosho can tell…

            But now for sure, I’ll have to deal with that “OUCH” price (339€ at that time !) :

            • DS Team says:

              Not worth anything, okay you go find a 1:18 scale version of the Kyosho original F40 model. You won’t find one! LOL 339 Euro or $475CND!!! Kyosho has certainly has high hopes…

  7. salociN says:

    PHR1802R 1/18 Ferrari F40 -Red- (Resin) End Jan 2016
    PHR1802BK 1/18 Ferrari F40 -Black- (Resin) End Jan 2016

    More Ferrari resin model cars are coming in 2016:

    Testarossa 1989 (Estimated delivery Q1-2 2016)
    Dino 246 GT Tipo L (Estimated delivery Q2-3 2016)
    La Ferrari (Estimated delivery Q3-4 2016)

  8. jrm says:

    And why Kyosho or BBR never made the F50 in 1/18? The best you can find is the Elite version.

  9. salociN says:

    It seems that Kyosho would add a US version:

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