Kyosho New "Samurai" Series Mazda Roadster •

Kyosho New “Samurai” Series Mazda Roadster

Kyosho unveils their latest Samurai Series, the Mazda Roadster.   The 1:18 scale replica is manufactured in resin and sealed.  Two colours will be initially released, Red and White.  Note photos are of prototype hand-samples, production version may differ slightly.  Suggested retail is $199US, models should be on shelves sometime in April 2016.

KSR18009R-1 KSR18009R-2 KSR18009W-1

KSR18009W-2 KSR18009R-W

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  1. zaki says:


    Love your website. I’m a little confused by the spreading sealed resin model phenomenon. My collection is entirely in diecast although every now and again I’m tempted by a spark model or two. What I don’t understand is why traditionally diecast companies are moving into the resin market while charging more than what they would charge for their diecast selection and even more than what the established resin brands charge. It feels that as a collector I am being squeezed out by the ever creeping prices. I have two CMC models that I bought for $199 and $250 US and that was a special treat. Why am I going to fork out $199 for a sealed Miata by Kyosho.

    • DS Team says:

      It’s perplexing isn’t it. Long live “diecast”!

    • JS Coleman says:

      If they use resin, then they don’t have to worry about getting bits to open. At the same time, they think they can charge more for it.

      It’s high time that we said “no more” to this low scheme, and vote with our wallets.

    • Frank says:

      A different light on the subject: there are people who actually like the sealed models; whether it be resin or metal doesn’t really matter. This is based on the fact that (usually) more effort is put into making the model look better from the outside. Most sealed model manufacturers accomplish this. Most of them only make the sealed ones. It’s therefore a mistake to think that a sealed model should be cheaper than one with opening parts. Heaving said that: some companies try to ride along with the successtories of others by just copying what they are doing, only less accurate. This is nothing new and neither is the fact that some of them will always try to squeeze that extra buck from the collector.

      • JS Coleman says:

        Really? I don’t think there could be much more attention to an exterior than that given to AUTOart Signature models – which, by the way, extend that attention to interior and engine and everything else.

        Any improvements of a resin over such diecast as that would be so marginal, there’s no point.

  2. zaki says:

    I think we are all in agreement. What I’m trying out figure out though, is there actually demand for a $200 sealed kyosho? Are the companies simply being greedy to their own detriment or is there a legitimate business case for what they are doing? Both possibilities are terrible in my view.

    • JS Coleman says:

      I would sincerely hope that it is the former, as a businessman is only sensitive to his hip-pocket. May it be to their detriment, and may they learn.

      But if it is the latter…I don’t think it could be. Collectors probably want a Miata (or MX5) model so badly that, while they might be regretful that it isn’t diecast, they buy it anyway. They don’t have much choice, so they kowtow.

      The price of this thing is absurd. They don’t have to craft an engine or opening componentry, so the price can only be substantially profit.

  3. EDIB says:

    I agree with you guys, I actually drove the new miata and liked it a lot. the feeling reminded me a lot of my s2000.

    I would totally get this model at maybe $80, by why in the world would they charge $200 for a sealed resin model is beside me. I would have to actually make an informed decision for a AA diecast model at $150. WOW this is getting crazy.

  4. DS Team says:

    All, the price is suggested retail. I’m sure retailers will be much lower than suggested.

    • JS Coleman says:

      Nevertheless, to make a suggestion of $199US is a very absurd suggestion indeed. Just like the ‘serving suggestion’ on the Nestle condensed milk cans. You don’t make a cheesecake out of it, you blockheads! You drink it out the can.

      • EDIB says:

        haha lol, what do you do after 1 service glue the can lol.

        but seriously , GMP roadrunners are suggested around $180(?), The windows roll up and down for pete’s sake!!! or CMC quality and detail??? its even absurd to suggest it!

        • DS Team says:

          From the horses mouth Kyosho:

          “*SRP shown on Kyosho newsletter is just a suggested retail price. It’s NOT something we manufacturer impose on retailers. The exact retail price is completely subject to each local dealer and retailer.”

  5. xman2015 says:

    The retail price in Japan is 15,000 if you convert it the model before shipping cost 130USD so I think the stores in Europe and other markets which get it for less since the order more the one pc, milk the collectors that agree to pay the big fee that they take for the “comfort” near home hobby stores but if you check the overall price you paid way way more than the original retail price.

    • Ewald says:

      I think it is way too expensive. I do have a model shop, and I’m a huge fan of the Miata
      But the price that I need to pay (as a company) inside the Netherlands is 160USD without taxes. and I need to pay 21% taxes.

      So I pay 200USD for a model car, and I need to make a profit on it…

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